Prosperity on Purpose at Work

Prosperity on Purpose at Work

Sometimes it seems like our daily work is about chasing people, money, contracts, or acknowledgement. Our move through our days with our attention focused on seeking to sell, persuade, direct, control, win, defeat, or change a person or situation. When what we really want – that which underlies all of the above – is to prosper in all areas of our work and life: financially, attitudinally, relationally, and vocationally.

To prosper in all areas for the long-term means that we must consciously make a shift from the money, ego, and self-centeredness, to the needs, goals, dreams and expectations of our true self and of others. In doing so – making this shift behaviorally, attitudinally and in actual performance – we guarantee immediate and long-term prosperity for ourselves and others. In doing so we focus on what‟s important to our clients and colleagues, and what is really standing in the way of our own success. We are able to see the potential in every situation, convey it passionately, help others see it and believe it, and buy into it. Core sections of this program include:

  1. Acknowledging your true purpose at work by helping yourself, clients and co-workers discern their purpose, priorities and passions thereby helping them to discover their happiness quotient
  2. Acknowledging and conveying the truth of possibilities and potential in every situation and circumstance by challenging and changing the thoughts held in mind that are negative, distracting or simply untrue, and replacing them with visionary thoughts that will produce after their kind. Learn to identify thought triggers so you can begin to thought stop, thought shift, and help clients and co-workers do the same.
  3. Out with the old. Stop falling into the same hole, reaping the same mediocre results. Identify the attitudinal, behavioral and performance holes and barriers that block your way to success. Assess the challenges and change course
  4. In with the new. Just say A.M.E.N. © Use the A.M.E.N. Model to assess next steps, manage change each day and model a new vision and attitude, empower yourself through new plans and adjusted ways of delivering services and interacting with others, and nurture the visions and dreams of clients and colleagues and in doing so you‟ll nurture long-term relationships
  5. Create a virtue-based and value-based work environment and ensure that all transactions are grounded in virtues and values so that long-term trust is formed from which future success, abundance and prosperity is guaranteed. Apply the stop – look – listen process.
  6. Learn to surround yourself with people on purpose who will be role models, mentors and partners in success. Assess the messages that you are putting out and the messages that you are allowing yourself to receive from co-workers and clients alike. Learn to become a messenger of possibility and promise for clients and colleagues.
  7. Engage others in the fulfillment of their dreams. Seek to serve and give credit to all. Motivate people from the inside, out. In doing so you will be the servant leader that others expect you to be and you‟ll receive all that you hoped to receive.

Time Frame:
1/2 day

Group Size:

open to all

interactive & experiential utilizing large group activities, small group dialogues.

Client pre-requisites:


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