Strategic Planning Academy: Prometheus Process - Now Available "Virtually"

Strategic Planning Academy: Prometheus Process - Now Available "Virtually"

Enable Your Leaders and Managers With Strategic Planning and Execution Skills

"The Prometheus System has permanently changed the way I work – my attitude, my perspective, and my behaviors. Everything we do is now focused on the Future Picture we created using the ideas in this system. Thanks Prometheus!"
Mike Roberts, West Division President,McDonalds Fast Food Chain

“The Prometheus Strategic framework is a surprisingly easy and useful method for driving business forward. The team did everything possible to share years of insight in a pragmatic way. There was not a moment lost during the entire academy. Hats off to John for making the theoretical real, sustainable and very energizing."
Anthony Dina, Director of Strategy and Planning, Dell, Inc.

An Intensive five-day Program to Learn and Practice a Unique start-to Finish Strategy Methodology

January 29 through February 2, 2018.
In partnership with Venturist, Inc.
Limited Seating Available

We are living in the VUCA world of business:

  • Volatile
  • Uncertain
  • Complex
  • Ambiguous

Today’s leaders and organizations need to: anticipate and react to the speed of change, have a clear focus and direction, navigate through complexity and be ready for change. Having a sound strategy is an organization’s roadmap to success!

The Prometheus Strategic Planning Academy provides hands-on Prometheus Process learning opportunities with leaders and managers from many different business disciplines. Since its founding in 1995, it has helped hundreds of companies and organizations around the world improve their business results.


CEOs, executive and senior vice presidents, executive directors, directors, senior managers, division managers, business owners, managing partners and practice group leaders of law firms, and other managers with strategic leadership, planning roles and requirements.


Those who attend the Academy will find the concepts and methodologies of the Prometheus Process to be invaluable in helping the graduate create the strategic alignment needed for enterprise growth, start-up, new product, or project success in any scale organization. Many hundreds have attended the Academy and virtually all expressed their deep satisfaction with the experience. The majority reported using what they learned to good effect in their organizations.

The Prometheus Academy is an excellent investment of time and money which is certain to pay dividends in both the short and the long term—for the people attending and for their present and future organizations.

There are many factors behind success in competitive environments but none is so important as strategy; if the strategy is wrong, the best people and the best equipment in the world are unlikely to produce success.


Strategic success requires a strategic methodology. John Warden developed and teaches the Prometheus Process--a high energy, high probability of success methodology to create and execute winning strategies. The Prometheus Academy provides an opportunity to learn this process hands-on with leaders and managers from across the country and many different business disciplines.

The program consists of presentation and discussions on each part of the Prometheus Strategy Process followed by small group sessions mentored by John Warden that provide the opportunity to apply the lessons just learned in a realistic case study. By the end of the week, participants have a working understanding of theory and practice alike and have benefited extensively from the experiences of fellow participants.



At the Academy, participants learn and apply the Prometheus Process--a unique, holistic, start-to-finish strategic planning and execution methodology.

  • Scope the Environment: How to think about an organization's operating environments.
  • Design the Future: How to build and measure high resolution pictures of the future an organization desires and how to craft the rules of behavior that will be an integral part of realizing the Future Picture.
  • Target for Success: How to understand your organization and markets in system terms in order to find the key Centers of Gravity (the leverage points) that will provide the most return on capital and personal energy investments.
  • Campaigning to Win: How to execute strategic plans based on parallel operations concepts in order to overcome system resistance and produce the highest possible probability of success at the least possible cost.
  • Finish with Finesse: How to craft exit points and exit plans to preserve gains and minimize penalties for ventures that do not proceed as conceived.
  • Cardinal Rules: How to use a handful of strategic principles to increase the probability of success in planning and execution.
  • Open Planning: How to capitalize on the intelligence and energy of the organization's own people to create and execute winning business and product strategies in collaborative environments and how to use a strategic vocabulary to align people at all levels of the organization.
  • Red Teaming: How to find and overcome problems and obstacles before they occur.


Montgomery, Alabama
Hotel Accommodations will be at the Hampton Inn & Suites. Reservations will be made by us Hampton Inn & Suites, 7651 Eastchase Parkway, Montgomery, AL, 334-277-1818


$5,495.00 per person which includes:

  • materials
  • daily breakfast
  • lunch
  • two dinners
  • snacks and refreshments.

Discounts are available for organizations with two or more attendees.

To Reserve your seat, contact Mike Adams at or call 858-638-8260.

Limited seating is available so reserve your place today!


The WBM industrial segment’s business results

How a Weyerhaeuser unit executed a winning strategy using Desert Storm’s fast-cycle, strategic action approach

Given the previous execution shortfalls, the Industrial Segment was clearly pleased with the business results that Ed Jones reported 12 months later:

  • Sales up 10 percent (highest-ever rate of sales growth in a market that grew less than 3 percent).
  • Net profits up 58 percent.
  • Return on assets up 60 percent.
  • Headcount reduced 10 percent.
  • Total business investment held constant, despite growth.
  • Share of key market segments increased.

Additionally, the WBM’s Industrial Segment experienced other less measurable but significant results. For the first time it had a coordinated strategy: there was a high level of understanding of, and commitment to, strategic priorities and their execution. All levels of the organization were aligned and collaborating. “Not only did WBM benefit from this process; so did its key leaders,” says Jones. “There were many insights into good practices for formulating and executing business strategies.”
Reprinted from Strategy and Leadership Magazine

McD's poised to launch new attack strategy; Recruits military-style consultancy retains Prometheus Strategies

Code-named ``Prometheus Project,'' the effort to coordinate strategy, motivate staffers and ultimately boost sales is modeled after military aerial campaigns used in Iraq in 1991 during the Persian Gulf War. The push is beingled by John Warden, founder of Montgomery, Ala.-based corporate consultancy Prometheus Strategies and a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot.
Reprinted from Crains Communication,Inc.

“This course has the potential to be life changing if applied, studied and practiced in all aspects of the broader professional life and personal life. This methodology applied in this course allows you to Create The Future!"
Col Michael Phillips, Commander, Air Force Intelligence Analysis Agency

“Very insightful. Changes the way you think. We are conditioned to think forward and not in the future and work backwards.”
Marty Jiunta, Associate Director, CollegeAmerica

"Thank you for the profound effect the Prometheus Process has had on our company! As a direct result of following this system, we were recently awarded an exclusive contract worth several million dollars. Today, we’re known as one of the most dynamic, fast-growing businesses in our niche market."

"We're doing $40 Million per year and we now have over 100 highly-skilled employees. Without a doubt, applying your systemto our business has been the single biggest reason our company has enjoyed such tremendous growth and success in such a short period of time."
Paul Bouchard, Co-CEO & COO, Top Aces Consulting Inc.

"Excellent process requires commitment from all levels of a company, Especially from CEO down. Well worth the time!"
Marty Huebner, Senior VP of Service, Cassling Diagnostic Imaging, Inc.

“The Prometheus Process is extraordinarily powerful in terms of its ability to distill the complex to the point of manageability ... ....out-of-the-box thinking, as our team was challenged to think beyond our daily jobs, beyond the scope of City government, to a City-wide future picture and our roles in bringing it about. The collective result for the City of Garland has been almost revolutionary.”
Randall K. Welch, Managing Director, Management Information Services, City of Garland

"John Warden has taken the inherently complex and distilled it to an actionable essence. His insights on leadership and strategy make clear the fundamentals for winning in business. John understands the leader's challenge of creating and executing winning competitive strategies in a time-sensitive environment."
Richard (Rich) K. Templeton, Chief Executive Officer, Texas Instruments Incorporated

“I would like to thank all of you for everything. I have learned much this week but one thing is that it is possible to be successful on any level of project work. Thank you also for using Road Ragz as the class test on Friday. It made a great contribution to my confidence to succeed. I would like to explain how easy it is and be able to quickly illustrate—how parallel activities are possible to execute—no matter the resource level.”
Teresa Petrini, VP Proposal Development Center, BAE Systems

From the winner of the Malcolm Baldrige Award in the Manufacturing Category
“[The Prometheus Process is great] for a company looking to re-charge their strategic planning efforts to make break through gains and focus everybody on the few things which will completely move the system of your company forward. Through the use of the tools we have learned by using the Prometheus process for the last year, here at our company, The Bama Companies, we have a new grand strategic vision; we have teams of people working on the vital "top20" campaigns, which will take our company to the next level. By organizing to win in fast time, we will have moved our company from a fairly slow, non-rapid deployment company, to one where we move on a dime, and we are energized by change.

  • We have had a 35% gain in our revenues,
  • A 2X gain in our profits,
  • And people are enjoying their work because they know the impact they are having on the future.
  • Our customer relationship scores are higher than ever before and 80% of our "employee partners" are saying they will be with us 5 years from now!!!
  • They see a very bright future.

I really believe in the Prometheus Process for "Winning in Fast TIME."
Paula Marshall-Chapman, CEO, The Bama Companies


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