Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training

How successful you are in business is based on how effective you are communicating. This program is about you, who you are, and how you can have a much more meaningful career in communications; it's about tools and techniques; and it's about better organizing your abilities to give advice that will be taken and used.

When you are done, you will learn how to effectively speak, conduct a meeting and manage a department. As you improve your communication skills you will be obvious in the workplace, have increased visibility and recognition.

First half of the day:

Step by step we will:

  • Create a presentation that organizes content to get through to your audience that sells your message.
  • Help you to identify your audience and know what they want.
  • Give pointers to present a positive image
  • Provide suggestions to control nervousness
  • Give guidelines to control question and answer sessions
  • Help you to effectively use visual aids.

Second half of the day:

Once the skills are learned, then the behavior will be refined. Each participant will have the opportunity to present and will be provided with valuable feedback. The feedback received will be skills and tools to be used in the future.


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