Organizational Dynamics - Learning What Makes Your Business Tick

Organizational Dynamics - Learning What Makes Your Business Tick

Challenges to organizational performance present themselves in the form of symptoms and the ones most talked about are:

  • Top-Line Results
  • Bottom-Line Results
  • War-for-Talent

These symptoms are directly related to one of four sources of variance:

  • Natural Variations
  • Operations (Effectiveness & Efficiency)
  • Alignment between Operations and Strategy (Communications)
  • Strategic Direction

The challenge to strategic decision-makers is developing critical insight into the relationships and interdependencies between these sources. Unfortunately, our education system has a preference for specialization, leaving its graduates to their own devices when it comes down to tying all activities together into a singular, unique and integrated system.

Leading change, both for solving challenges and initiating growth, requires Executives to possess a solid understanding of Organizational Dynamics. After all, they cannot be expected to support what they do not understand and without their sponsorship, for delegating authority and allocating resources, change is doomed to fail right from the beginning.

Who Should Participate

C-suite officers such as the CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, CMO


Participants will advance their personal performance through:

  • Improving their understanding of Organizational Dynamics
  • Creating superior profits through the creation of superior value for clients
  • Realizing peace-of-mind with all decisions they make.

Key Topics

  • Relationships between Means & Ends and Cause & Effect
  • universal organizing principle that governs any organization; structure and strategy (form follows function)
  • Creating Authentic Solutions™ through implementation of effective decision-making processes


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