Organizational Change

Organizational Change

Building Capabilities —Enterprise capability represents the know-how that enables an organization to perform; the collective abilities of the organization to accomplish strategic objectives; the unique skills and processes needed to fill the gap between strategic intention and outcome. Our approach to building capabilities is through a unique set of tools to map, analyze and "renew" the client's capability chains that make up the extended organizational value system.

Culture Alignment — We view culture as the fundamental set of beliefs and assumptions that influence organizational practices and people's behaviors. We believe it is very difficult to "measure" an organization's "culture." We can, however, assess the policies and practices that characterize an organization, compare them with articulated values and beliefs and test their alignment or misalignment, then search for the fundamental assumptions held by management that produce those practices. We then work at all three levels to effect desired changes to the culture.

High Performing Team Development - All teams are not alike. Different types of teams meet different business objectives and require distinct structures, strategies, leaders and resources. They also carry unique strengths and weaknesses. We approach high performing team development from two standpoints: 1) Using a well known model of team development to deal with the behaviors and dynamics of team members and 2) a model that encourages the team to describe and develop high performing team effectiveness skills.


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