Workshop Overview

Do you ever find yourself wondering how anyone has time to network at all? What can you do? In this workshop you will learn how to meet new people and be remembered when no one else will be. Networking is the most powerful way to build relationships that will power business. This workshop will provide practical tips and techniques to help you become a very effective networker!

Participants will learn the one question they must ask. They will also learn how to create their unique value statement and how to deliver it with great effectiveness. In addition, tips to find the best networking opportunities will be given along with those faux pas to avoid. Participants will learn the 4 stages of networking and why they must get past stage one!!

Workshop  Length: ½ day

Who  Should Attend this Event:

People  who wish to increase their ability to network effectively to build and maintain  professional relationships.

Workshop  Outcomes

Participants  of this event will leave with:

  • An understanding of the Four Phases of networking
  • The ability to effectively network with new or existing companies and contacts
  • How to create a Hook or Value Statement and differentiate  themselves
  • Enhanced ability and confidence when meeting new people in business and social situations
  • Why you do not want to “deal from the deck”
  • How to effectively follow-up with new contacts so they never  forget you
  • The one question that you must ask

Workshop Topics

  • How to build rapport after finding the right person to talk to
  • The Four Phases of Networking
  • Learn how to break in/out of groups at networking events
  • Learn the ‘Hook’ and Value Statement
  • The elevator speech
  • How to handle the card exchange and what no one remembers
  • Finding the right networks and contacts
  • How to manage contact information
  • Follow-up techniques that really work


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