Mastery of Sales Techniques (MOST)

Mastery of Sales Techniques (MOST)

The execution of the face-to-face sales call is the fundamental skill of the salesperson. By being able to execute the call in a professional manner, you are able to pull together all your product, customer, and market knowledge and build a strong level of customer commitment to your solution. There is no magic in call execution. Rather, making effective sales calls is a process of skill usage and techniques that are manifestly learnable and replicable. And these skills and techniques make up the MOST system of selling.


  • Professionals who interact with clients and require fundamental face-to-face selling skills. This may include those in sales and/or marketing or those who support sales efforts.


  • Applications exercises for participants to work on own products/services
  • Group Discussion
  • Pairs exercises
  • Written exercises
  • Role Plays

Course Content

  • Opening the call
    - Generate interest
    - Ask an interest-generating question
    - Build rapport
    - Respond to initial resistance

  • Fact Finding
    - How to listen more effectively so that you can focus on areas of need quickly and accurately
    - How to use the features and benefits of your product to satisfy needs and solve customer problems by introducing solutions
    - How to use questioning skills to uncover and explore needs
    - How to use your skills to make add-on sales and to cross-sell

  • Handling Objections
    - Examine at the most challenging kinds of objections: factual objections and perceived objections.
    - Explore their causes, how they surface on the sales call, and how you can respond to them.

  • Closing & Concluding
    - How to recognize when to close
    - How to conclude the call


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