Marketing: Understanding the Basics

Marketing: Understanding the Basics

Today's modern marketing-oriented business focuses on: (1) determining who their target markets are; (2) understanding the needs of these markets; (3) determining the distinctive competencies of the company to satisfy those needs, and (4) developing ways to communicate those distinctive competencies to the customer. In our highly competitive business environment the winners are those companies that do the best job of learning about the needs of directing their efforts to creatively and profitably satisfying the need of their customers.

To be a category or industry leader today, the entire business organization —from the executive suite to the warehouse — must be focused on the customer. An understanding of the basics of marketing allows a "big picture" approach to one's everyday job and how it relates to the company's success.

To help a company's entry-level and middle-management team gain such an appreciation, WMC has created a one-day seminar/workshop that offers the basics of marketing. Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the evolution of marketing and elements of marketing environment that are controllable by the company and those external uncontrollable factors the company must address..
  • Learn the basics of marketing strategy and market research techniques.
  • Understand the dynamics of buyer behavior on both the consumer and organizational levels.
  • Know how to segment markets so efforts can be directed at customers and potential customers with the greatest potential   for profitability.
  • Analyze the four basic elements of the marketing mix Ú product, pricing, promotion and channels of distribution

A day-long immersion into the basics of marketing will enable employees to gain a real appreciation of how marketing strategies are created and implemented so the company can improve sales, profits and market share so it can compete more effectively.


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