Managing Decision Stakes

Managing Decision Stakes

Typically, when looking at how decisions are made, people tend to focus solely on those account contacts who play a direct role in the final decision - the technical buyer, the financial buyer, decision-owners, etc.

Although this is important as these people do, indeed, make the final decision; such an approach tends to overlook all the internal and subtle complexity of decision-making as an organizational event.

Every time an organization makes a decision, it is, in effect, changing the organization - and positing change for everyone in the organization. Everyone, therefore, has a stake in every decision to some extent or other.


  • Experienced sales and marketing professionals


  • Enables you to understand a multi-dimensional approach to decision making within an account. Unlike traditional decision-influencing programs, which view decision influencing from a static, one-dimensional frame of reference, this workshop helps you look at behind the scenes organizational relationships and the power structure and specific organizational stakes of key players helping you see beyond the superficiality of an organization chart.


Decision Concerns

  • Contact
  • Conformity
  • Capability
  • Consequences

Decision Populations

  • High Involvement, Low Impact
  • High Involvement, High Impact
  • Low Involvement, Low Impact
  • Low Involvement, High Impact


Your value

Decision Stakes Strategies

Action Desired

  • Minimize the negative consequences
  • Maximize the positive results


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