Managers on a Mission

Managers on a Mission

Managers, for all intensive purposes, are the face of the organization to all employees. A manager on a mission attracts, grows and develops people to maximize their skills, and cultivates the collective abilities of the organization. He/She builds the capacity of people to perform, and creates a structure to support people and organizational strategies. They must have the requisite vision, motivation and skills necessary to remain mission-focused and goal-centered, while ensuring that direct reports produce results and feel professionally supported, and nurtured in the process. To accomplish these goals, managers must engage in key actions and behaviors in order to demonstrate competency as a manager on a mission. The key actions and behaviors for this competency include:

  • Mission Discernment & Motivation
  • B.A.S.K. Managerial Self-Assessment
  • Setting Great Expectations
  • Managing Multiple Personality Types
  • Promoting Initiative & Empowerment
  • Giving & Receiving Balanced, Growth-Oriented Feedback
  • Coaching for Success
  • Motivation & Morale and Recognition & Rewards
  • Goal-Setting & Action Planning

Specific focus is placed on:

Differentiating between job and mission responsibilities

  1. Job = performance and productivity
  2. Mission = vision planning and growth orientation

Evaluating the manager's abilities using a B.A.S.K. assessment

  1. Behaviors
  2. Attitudes
  3. Skills
  4. Knowledge

Conveying expectations and engaging in strategies to ensure that they are met

  1. Defining them
  2. Ensuring realism
  3. Deterring dependency

Understanding personalities and their impact on performance and teamwork: the 4-Gets Model

  1. Get the Picture
  2. Get it Right
  3. Get it Done
  4. Get Along

Setting the stage to get employees to take initiative for change, growth and development

  1. Understanding how to grow employees as leaders
  2. Understanding what type of initiatives promote empowerment

Communicating and providing feedback

  1. Understanding listening and learning styles
  2. Using mind mapping to determine when, how, why to give feedback
  3. PMI: one model for offering balanced feedback

Coaching for Success M&M and R&R

  1. Motivation and morale strategies and actions that create healthy work environments
  2. Recognition and reward tools and strategies that are meaningful and promote performance
  3. Actions and strategies that work against the manager

Action Planning

Time Frame:
1 day

Group Size:

open to all

Format: interactive & experiential utilizing large group activities, small group dialogues, and didactic lessons designed to guide the participants in their assessment of self and issues relevant to their ability to manage and grow people, create processes and practices that promote empowerment and performance, and demonstrate an understanding of core components for creating interactions and conditions that ensure success on the job.

Client pre-requisites:
teleconference or meeting to assess current challenges managers are facing; sample job descriptions for employees which the managers supervise, as well as those for the managers themselves.


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