Leadership: An Inside Out Approach

Leadership: An Inside Out Approach

Seminar Overview:

Over time, there have been different models of leadership fulfilling different needs: authoritarian (financial security), human relations (social-emotional), human relations (recognizing and developing talent), and principle-centered (meaning and purpose). The highest end of this continuum, principle-centered leadership, is where most leaders are focused today. From Jack Welch to Michael Eisner, effective leaders understand the value of this approach. Using a principle-centered style, however, means constantly examining your thinking about why you do what you do. This seminar asks participants to think about their thinking in three leadership areas: effectiveness vs. efficiency, listening to understand, and developing and maintaining "the slight edge."

Seminar concepts are based on thought leaders in the field, specifically, Stephen Covey's Principle-Centered Leadership model, Ken Blanchard's Situational Leadership model, and Noel Tichy's Leader as Teacher model.

Session Outcomes:

  • Participants of the session will:
  • Understand the difference between leadership and management
  • Understand that leaders and managers are both essential roles in an effective organization
  • Examine attitudes around several key components of effective leadership.
    - Move from working efficiently to working both efficiently and effectively
    - Move from listening to respond to listening to understand
    - Move from neglecting self to continually enhancing skills and competencies
  • Recognize the importance of their role as leader as teacher in the organization

Session Key Topics:

  • Transactional vs. Transformational Leadership
  • Effectiveness: Balancing the Clock and the Compass
  • Empathy: Listening to Reply vs. Listening to Understand
  • Renewal: Acquiring the "Slight Edge"

Leadership: An Inside Out Approach
Seminar Outline

"Thinking About Your Thinking"

  • Exercise: Leader Role vs. Manager Role in this Organization
    - Exploring the Differences Between Leadership and Management
    - The Skill and the Art of Leading and Managing
    - Transactional and Transformational Leadership

Leadership Area 1: Effectiveness
"Discipline Without Purpose is Torture

  • Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
  • Balancing the Clock and the Compass
  • The Tyranny of the Urgent
  • Demonstration: Big Rocks
  • Exercise: Time Management Matrix
  • Leader as Teacher Challenge:

Leadership Area 2: Empathy
"Tell Me About It

  • EXERCISE: What keeps us from listening?
    - Listening to Reply
    - Listening to Understand: Empathy
    - ...Now It's Your Turn
  • Leader as Teacher Challenge:

Leadership Area 3: Renewal
"The Slight Edge"

  • EXERCISE: If There Were One Thing...
    (What one thing could I do to be a more effective leader?)
    - Being "Selfish" (Taking Care of Your Yourself)
    - Story: Sharpen the Saw
    - 4 Areas to Sharpen: Physical, Mental, Relationships, Values
    - Obtaining That "Slight Edge"
  • EXERCISE: What Will I Do to Gain That Slight Edge?
  • Leader as Teacher Challenge:

Conclusion: So What, Now What?
"Moving from Theory to Practice

  • EXERCISE: Letter to Self
  • (30 day commitment and One-on-One Coaching)


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