Knowledge Enhancement: The Essential Process

Knowledge Enhancement: The Essential Process

“Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back”
– Chinese Proverb

Knowledge and continued learning are indispensable in business; how we develop, process and retain information is central to our advancement and success. The brain is a complex system and understanding its functions and overall potential is imperative to increasing intelligence and insight. Our Knowledge Enhancement programs comprise a range of practices used by thought leaders and global organizations to identify and maximize knowledge and experience into powerful principles and processes.  Discover how to accelerate your learning process, develop techniques for consolidating successful patterns, and create a system for understanding complex or difficult subjects.

Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change throughout life. Extensive research shows that the brain, regardless of age, never stops changing and has the continued capacity for growth and learning, but must remain active and challenged.  When utilized properly, the brain has the ability to reorganize itself by forming new connections between brain cells (neurons), adapting quickly to changes and increasing the capacity for memory and knowledge. By using proven techniques and engaging in specific activities, Wolf Management helps clients maximize their intelligence with lasting results. We work with companies and corporations to implement advanced programs to nurture and foster creativity, form effective learning habits, expand knowledge development, and obtain a competitive advantage in business.

Ten Principles of Brain Performance

  1. The brain is a muscle that must be continually challenged
  2. Effective growth only occurs when the brain is susceptible
  3. Change strengthens connections between neurons
  4. Neurons working together contribute the best results
  5. Focused subject matter enhances the learning process
  6. Concentration on results increases the capacity to advance
  7. Diet has a profound effect on learning and intelligence
  8. Consistent exercise is crucial for the brain’s performance
  9. Environment and experience plays an essential role on development
  10. Memory retention is necessary for advanced learning

Key Topics:

  • Explaining the brain’s true capacity and potential
  • Dispelling past myths about IQ and genetics
  • Understanding and utilizing the Ten Brain Tenets
  • Implementing the Cognition Process: Information>>Knowledge>>Wisdom
  • Models for learning quicker and obtaining information
  • Improving the Knowledge life-cycle
  • Cross-training the brain
  • Maximizing your Intellectual Assets
  • Developing an effective exercise and nutritional program

Program & Corporate Benefits:

  • Build a Knowledge Sharing & Learning Culture
  • Foster innovation through Intellectual Creativity
  • Refine your perception and approach to learning
  • Increase employees’ competitive and productive edge
  • Develop successful knowledge patterns and models
  • Increase your capacity for growth and intelligence
  • Learn focus and concentration techniques
  • Enhance your selectivity and processing
  • Quickly adjust to new information & technology
  • Swiftly attack problems and solve issues
  • Develop productive learning methods

Program Requirements:

  • Complete focus & dedication to the program
  • The willingness to learn & improve
  • Total concentration on the subject & process
  • Trust & Accountability

Who Should Attend:
This in-depth program is for employees, managers, and senior executives.  This interactive workshop strengthens cross-functional learning, knowledge sharing, and enhanced innovation in the workplace.  Refine your skills, enhance your abilities, and gain the necessary competitive edge in this global environment.  We work with groups, companies, and corporate divisions to train, coach and enhance professionals from all backgrounds.  Individual executive coaching is also available.

Event Length: 1 & 2 Days
Although this program can be tailored for 1 or 2 days, it can also be run over a 3-12 month period, with professional coaching, assessments, and continued support.



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