Knowledge Enhancement: Redefining Intelligence

Knowledge Enhancement: Redefining Intelligence

“Knowledge and human power are synonymous” – Francis Bacon

This is an advance program in Knowledge Enhancement and Learning Development that redefines your approach to business and expands your creative vision. It focuses on training your mind to increase its capacity for strategic thinking, innovative exploration, and knowledge advancement. We will help you master techniques for utilizing successful patterns, accelerate your learning process, and create a system for understanding complex subjects quickly. Learn to create powerful intellectual alliances in your company and discover breakthrough methods for competitive success. By defining specific approaches that consolidate years of information and experience into concise principles, you can increase your intelligence capacity in a short amount of time. We discover performance gaps, deal with your past learning system, and help you refine your core competencies.

Key Topics:

  • Maximizing the Ten Brian Tenets
  • Implementing the core Knowledge Principles
  • Understanding Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Mastering your Belief System
  • Programming Patterns: Overcoming Rules & Excuses
  • Deciphering specific subjects and their complexity
  • Consolidating information into the Essential Facts Model
  • Using visualization and mentoring
  • Building and managing Powerful Teams

Knowledge Principles:

  • The Accepting Principle
    - Linked to your Belief System
  • The Authority Principle
    - Improving receptiveness
  • The Certainty Principle
    - Absolute acceptance of what you will achieve
  • The Dispelling Principle
    - Can instantly change your perceptions
  • The Elite Principle
    - Leads to heightened focus
  • The Five Senses Principle
    - Incorporates all senses during the learning process
  • The Linking Principle
    - Connects purpose and importance to a subject
  • Reaching Principle
    - Pushing your capacity to learn and excel
  • Reflecting Principle
    - Emotional connection to past accomplishments
  • Rehearsal Principle
    - Continued practice fosters perfection
  • Models of Perfection
    - The essential approach to a subject
  • The Physical Principle
    - Connecting physical activities to knowledge
  • Visual Linking Principle
    - Using images to enhance the learning experience

Program Benefits:

  • Expand your strategic vision and planning
  • Enhance your learning with specific mental exercises
  • Develop lasting attention and focus methods
  • Correct negative beliefs and patterns
  • Understand how motivation helps brain plasticity
  • Learn new subjects that maximize your potential
  • Continually acquire and retain new information
  • Perfect your ability to adapt to challenging situations
  • Utilize conscious and subconscious thoughts
  • Maintain a continued learning environment
  • Increase the level of difficulty as you progress

How you process and manage information defines the greatest aspects of knowledge. Your approach to learning and how quickly you can obtain and process essential facts will define your competitive advantage and success in business. The brain never stops changing and has the continued capacity for growth, but you must know how to effectively master it and use your intellectual assets. By applying valuable techniques and engaging in specific activities, Wolf Management helps clients maximize their abilities and intelligence with lasting results. We work with businesses and corporations to help them implement advance programs that increase learning development, foster creativity, and form effective habits that advance intelligence.

Program Requirements:

  • Complete focus & dedication to the program
  • The willingness to learn & improve
  • Total concentration on the subject & process
  • Trust & Accountability

Who Should Attend:
This selective workshop is for advanced managers, senior executives and CEOs. These interactive workshops strengthen cross-functional learning, knowledge sharing, and enhanced innovation in the workplace. Refine your skills, enhance your abilities, and gain the necessary competitive edge in this global environment. We work with groups, companies, and corporate divisions to train, coach and enhance professionals from all backgrounds. Individual executive coaching is also available.

Event Length: 1 & 2 Days
Although this advanced program can be tailored for 1 or 2 days, it can also be run over a 3-12 month period, with professional coaching, assessments, and continued support.



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