Inspired Leadership

Inspired Leadership

This 2-3 day program focuses on the points of leadership that will make any executive and manager a star. So often training programs for leaders and managers focus on tactical and strategic leadership, and in the process, forget what leadership is all about. We believe that a person can command all day, and not lead for one moment, because leadership is about remembering, operationalizing and empowering specific points of power in you and in others. Ask yourself: could I leave my position tomorrow — if I was sick, or taking a vacation, or choosing a different job — and know that everything would run smoothly for the short term? If your answer is "NO", then this is the program for you, because a great leader empowers others so that, in reality, "they" are leading one another.

This program enriches you with new knowledge, engages you in interactive and experiential activities that focus on various skills related to communication, trust-building, delegation and coaching. The program uses teach-back activities so that the modalities; effective practices for leadership and organizational development are natural outcomes of the teach-back activities.

Participants will specifically focus on the following points of leadership:

  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Power
  • Personality
  • People
  • Plans
  • Processes

Organizations may choose a two-day generalist program, or a three-day program that engages managerial/executive leaders in strategic planning unique to their organization.


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