High Impact Supervisor Skills

High Impact Supervisor Skills

Workshop Overview:

High Impact Supervisor Skills is designed to support the new (or relatively new) supervisor in creating a work environment that enhances productivity, teamwork, and the achievement of business results. This highly interactive, experiential-based workshop focuses on providing powerful skills and tools that can be easily transferred from the classroom to the work environment. Through facilitator-guided discussion, skill practice exercises, and individual introspection, workshop participants will discover how they can become "high impact" supervisors right from the start!

Workshop Outcomes:

Participants of the session will:

  • Clearly understand their roles as supervisors within their organization.
  • Acquire and practice the essential skills and knowledge that support effective supervisory behavior.
  • Establish a network with other supervisors as a foundation for continually developing their supervisory skills.

Workshop Key Topics

  • Just What IS a Supervisor? Exploring Your Role
  • What's Your Management Style?
  • Managing Individual Performance
  • Managing Team Performance
  • Dealing with Difficult People

Workshop Length: 2 days (1 day version also available)

High Impact Supervisor Skills Workshop Outline

  • Welcome, Intros
    "My greatest challenge as a supervisor is..."
  • Mod 1: The Role of the Supervisor
    - Managing the Work versus Doing the Work
    - Supervisory Effectiveness
  • Mod 2: Supervisor Styles
    - 4 Basic Styles
    - Supervisor Style Assessment
    - What's Your Style?
  • Mod 3: Managing Individual Performance
    - Principles of Managing Performance
    - Objective Setting
    - Coaching and Feedback
    - Performance Review Essentials
  • Mod 4: Managing Team Performance
    - Creating Buy-In and Change Within a Team
    - Building a Winning Team
    - Decision-Making in a Team
  • Managing Difficult Situations
    - Conflict Management Essentials
    - Your Conflict Management Style
    - Managing Conflict Between Team Members                     
    - Role Play: Conflict Between Two Direct Reports
  • Close: Questions, Comments, Evaluation


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