Global Effectiveness: Working and Communicating with China

Global Effectiveness: Working and Communicating with China

This 1-2 day program is designed to help anyone who comes in contact with people from China by examining how key cultural differences impact individual and organizational effectiveness.

Participants will learn and develop important skills and the knowledge they need to establish and maintain successful working relationships with their associates, partners, customers, and team members in China.

Program objectives

  • Understand what culture is in general, and how it impacts your business today
  • Learn how culture impacts behaviors and expectations
  • Understand the hidden reasons why Chinese work and communicate differently from U.S. Americans
  • Develop practical skills to work and communicate more effectively with Chinese counterparts


  • Utilize a mix of both cognitive and experiential methods
  • Encourage hands-on learning through the use of videos, small group discussions, role play, case studies, self-assessments, and the creation of action plans
  • Enable participants to learn from each other

Sample Agenda

Following is an example of a typical Working with China program agenda. However, we customize our programs to meet the specific business requirements of your company through detailed needs assessment prior the program.


  • Welcome
  • Introduction Program Objectives, Ground rules, Methodology
  • Perceptions and Stereotype
  • Taiwan & Hong Kong
  • Country Profile: History, Demographics, Government, attitudes towards foreigners; business ethics; family values
  • Cultural Values
    - Exercise: My own cultural values
    - Cultural values comparison: U.S. vs. China
  • Philosophy & Religion: Confucianism, Taoism & Buddhism
  • Managing "Guanxi" (Relationship)
    - Case Study
    - Key Strategies
  • Managing "Face"
    - Case Study
    - Key Strategies
  • Chinese Names/Forms of address
  • Social Etiquette
    - Greetings
    - Entertaining
    - Hosting
    - Gift Giving
    - Visiting
    - Dress code
  • Business Protocol
    - Introduction
    - Business Card Exchange
    - Meetings
    - Women in Business
  • Communicating with Chinese
    - Case Study ­ Checking for Comprehension
    - Exercise: direct vs. indirect communication
    - How do you know when "yes" is "yes"?
    - Communication Clarity & Caution
    - Slang and Jargon
    - Working with Interpreters
  • Case Study: "The Better Candidate"
  • Case Study: "A Bad Review"
  • Case Study: "The Merger"
  • Negotiation with Chinese
    - Role Play
    - Key Strategies
  • Open Q&A Session
  • Action Plan
  • Evaluation & Close


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