Global Business Skills

Global Business Skills

Globalization as well as an unprecedented number of cross border mergers and acquisitions continues to bring people from different countries together creating an environment where they must work and communicate together successfully. Different styles of doing business and snarls in cross-cultural communication can result in costly business consequences.

This 1-2 day program will equip participants with practical skills and the knowledge they need to promote successful working relationships with their associates, partners, customers, and team members from other cultures.

Program objectives

  • Develop an awareness of the cultural differences between your own culture and target cultures
  • Understand culture's influence on behaviors and expectations and how cultural differences impact your business
  • Gain practical skills in cross cultural communication and teamwork
  • Achieve better results by gaining global business acumen.


  • Utilize a mix of both cognitive and experiential methods
  • Encourage hands-on learning through the use of videos, small group discussions, role play, case studies, self-assessments, and the creation of action plans
  • Enable participants to learn from each other

Sample Agenda

Following is an example of a typical Global Business Skills program agenda. The agenda does not highlight specific cultures. However, we tailor our programs to meet the specific business requirements of your company by focusing on the particular regions or cultures of interest to you.


  • Welcome & Program objectives
  • Introduction
  • Agreement
  • Exercise-Birthday Lineup (non-verbal communication)
  • Mini Quiz
  • Written Graffiti
  • Stereotype-Definition, Cultural Filters & "Only in America"
  • Exercise-"Nosrepia"
  • Global Business Skills Model
  • Exercise ­ 4 Comments about a U.S. Manager
  • What is "Culture"
    - Definitions
    - Iceberg Model
    - The Impact of culture
    - Case Study ­ Japan Case
  • Key dimensions of Behavior: U.S. Culture vs. Target Cultures
  • Culture as a Bell Curve
  • Cultures within Cultures
  • Video ­ Working with Global Teams
  • Establishing Credibility
    - Case Study Mexico Case
  • Relationships & Face
  • Exercise-Cocktail Party (cross cultural communication)
  • Communication
    - Hi vs. Low Context Communication Styles
    - Communication Quiz Communication Clarity
    - Communication Cautions
    - Non-verbal Communication
    - Exercise ­ Redundancia
    - Video ­ Virtual Communication with global teams
    - Communication Technologies & Context
    - Voice mail & Conference calls
  • Case Study - Obtaining Information
  • Action Planning
  • Evaluation and Close


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