Getting the Business: You Gotta Ask for It!

Getting the Business: You Gotta Ask for It!

Event Overview

You've done a great job of making contacts, setting up meetings, understanding the prospective client needs, and effectively demonstrating how your company can meet those needs. Now is the "moment of truth": it's time to make that prospective client an actual client. But somehow, it just feels uncomfortable asking for the business. This event will help dissolve those feelings of discomfort, and make you proficient at this critical step of business development. Learn some sure fire techniques that will win the business— and the confidence of the client!

Who Should Attend this Event:

People who wish to increase their ability and comfort level relative to asking for and winning new business from both new and existing clients.

Event Outcomes

Participants of this event will leave with:

  • Tips for building and maintaining rapport
  • The ability to better manage tension
  • Alertness to closing signals
  • Greater facility in handling objections

Event Key Topics

  • Getting Past the Discomfort!
  • Closing as a natural outcome of Building Rapport and Identifying   Needs
  • Recognizing Closing Signals and Acting on Them
  • Handling (what you think is) Resistance
  • Timing Is Everything! When to Ask for Business—and When   Not To!

Event Length: This event runs 1/2 day


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