Generational Diversity: Disc & Communicating Across Generations

Generational Diversity: Disc & Communicating Across Generations


Having a deeper understanding of our communication and those of others effects helps us build better work interactions.  In a multi-generational workplace, that understanding is critical to success.  Combined with a general understanding of how generations perceive one another in the workplace allows all of us to build stronger and more effective teams.  This workshop provides participants with the understanding of their how their preferred communication style and generational perspective affects positive workplace outcomes.

Who Should Attend?

GD is design to maximize the understanding and communication at all levels of the organization.  Executive Leadership, Management, andIndividual Contributors will appreciate the workshop’s provided information and skills.

Topics covered:

  • Personalized DiSC “Workplace” Profile
  • How to communicate with all DiSC Styles
  • The key values of the 3 Generations
  • Enhance understanding of the generational differences
  • Maximize generational traits with DiSC styles
  • Flex to increase communication that works for everyone

What Are theOutcomes of GD?

At the conclusion of GD, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Understand their DiSC “Workplace” style, and that of others
  • Understand how your DiSC style affects your interactions
  • Know what motivates & influences the 3 generations in today’s workplace
  • Understand how to effectively communicate across generations
  • Develop personal strategies to enhance your communication and interactions

How Is GD Conducted?

GD is a seminar in which participants are introduced to the key principles of Generational Diversity in the workplace, how we are different, and the skills necessary to effectively communicate across generations.


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