Executive Training & Development: Exceptional Leadership

Executive Training & Development: Exceptional Leadership

Exceptional leadership is the enduring foundation of every successful company and organization. It encompasses a consistent approach to business, embodies vision for the future, and defines longevity. This advanced program works with senior executives and directors focusing on the Internal Core. It takes a phychological approach to leadership, character, and business performance. We examine your value and belief system; approach to business and decision making; consistencies and contradictions; attitude and confidence; strategy and implementation; and analyze what is empowering and disempowering you. The groups are small and complemented with personalized executive coaching.

Key Topics: The Internal Core

  • Character, Creed & Principles
  • Attitude, Confidence & Certainty
  • Values & Belief System
  • Words & Communication
  • Rules & Excuses
  • Business Ethics and Practices
  • Long-term Vision & Strategy
  • Successful Models & Attributes

Some Specific Areas of Focus:

Character embodies a variety of attributes, including integrity, honesty, professionalism and respect for others. Character leads by example and without hypocrisy; practices fairness in every situation; is reliable and responsible; follows through with promises, and is always honest. These virtues are formed into a certain consistent behavior and pattern. When someone is of moral character, it refers to the assemblage of qualities that distinguish one individual from another and are consistent actions based in these principles. You communicate clearly, valuing other’s unique thoughts and opinions; foster other’s talent and abilities; show compassion; treat everyone with understanding; and your business standards always remain the same regardless of the situation or circumstances.

Attitude: In business, attitude is everything. What we believe and how we perceive things will determine our success or failure. An attitude is simply a learned behavior in responding to people or situations, something we have trained our mind to think. Our behavior will dictate the outcome of our day and influence the future. Our perception and how we react to people, difficulties, and problems is crucial to achieving our desired outcome. Attitude drives behavior that drives the direction of our lives. If we want things to change positively on the outside, we must first change on the inside. Regardless of circumstances, never fall into the trap of getting angry or losing site of what is important. Obstacles can distract us and frustration leads only to defeat. Despite the problem, your response will determine the outcome and negative patterns and assumptions can be realigned to positive associations.

Our Belief System is ingrained into our mind. Starting from a young age, it represents our past learning, insights, achievements, failures, and everything we have gone through. Every conversation, relationship, and situation is measured and judged by what we believe. Our previous experiences influence our present attitude, personality, expectations, and how we treat others. While in some ways it can encourage and foster growth, it can also limit or undermine our human potential and quality for leadership. Often based on generalizations and misconceptions, beliefs can undermine our behavior and compromise everything we do. Whatever the past or present situation negative impressions can program our mind to believe these as truths and accept them as fact. They set specific standards and patterns, form certain limitations, and hinder us from accomplishing what we want. Understanding and overcoming these beliefs and patterns is essential for growth, leadership and success.

Words: The words we use have the power to inspire and motivate or discourage and debilitate. One negative comment can have a profound effect on another’s behavior and attitude, undermining our effective leadership and setting a poor example. Although many words in our vocabulary are destructive, using them has become part of our daily routine. If you focus on harmful or destructive words your behavior follows that direction. But we can choose our vocabulary and how we communicate with others. Replacing negative words can break old patterns and change our attitude. By concentrating on a different vocabulary, we can instantly transform our behavior and the performance of those around us. Daily motivation and success depend on the language we use and what we think. Words and thoughts are like a compass. They set our direction and guide our life and business practices.

Communication: The quality of our life and success in business is measured by the quality of our communication. What we say and how we communicate it can ascertain if we will succeed or fail. This fundamental proficiency is essential in careers and relationships; yet, over ninety percent of executive management and CEOs fail to convey their thoughts and needs properly or consistently in a business environment. We live in a society of quick hellos and fast memos, but rarely engage in genuine or significant conversations. Our comments are superficial and are more flash than substance. And we wonder why business relationships fail and companies falter. How can we expect others to understand our needs if we are not encouraging an exchange of ideas? Reflecting on your past, you will realize how many problems were caused by poor communication: what you should have conveyed, what could have been clearer, or what was never said, causing plans to fail and relationships to dissolve. If you want to improve the quality and professionalism of your life, convey your thoughts and messages clearly and consistently. Never assume anything. Learn to ask questions and listen intently to demonstrate your sincere interest.

Rules & Standards: Clarity, perception and communication are essential for a successful career, yet everyone has a certain set of rules that define their work and relationships. These rules often make it hard to succeed and easy to fail. Most discouragement and complacency comes from our own rules: our definition of how things should or must be and how we set our expectations for ourselves and others. This leads to consistent disappointment and stress. Are your rules empowering or disempowering you? Do they encourage or discourage you? Success should be achievable and grounded in a balance of confidence and consistency. Those around us should be encouraged by our guidance and clarity. It is important to redefine your rules, understand other’s needs, and clearly communicate so both sets of rules are understood. This helps avoid misunderstandings and disappointment.

Excuses compromise life and interrupt momentum. It is easy to get distracted from obligations or goals. We often put off problems or issues, allowing them to linger; we procrastinate, blame others or become defensive. As difficulties arise, we get trapped into this negative mentality. We use this distraction as a justification or excuse. This is an interaction of conscious and subconscious behavior that can set a negative pattern. Yet immediate and direct action is the best solution. Take responsibility for your own actions. Feeling overwhelmed or dealing with setbacks is common enough, but this takes away from our progress. Whether you tell yourself it’s too difficult, you don’t have enough time, it’s too late, too early or you’ll do it tomorrow, learn to master your objectives and time. Put purpose behind your actions. When we form a positive and proactive approach, one that attacks problems instead of becoming a victim, we move forward more swiftly, increase our resolve, and improve the situation. The only thing that keeps you from what you want to achieve is the excuse you tell yourself.

Program Benefits:

  • Incorporating a consistent value system
  • Forming a positive and proactive attitude
  • Advancing your unique qualities and talents
  • Motivating and bringing out the best in others
  • Creating a compelling vision for the future
  • Organizing a strategic and realistic action plan
  • Increasing your drive and purpose
  • Fostering lifelong skills and expertise
  • Consistently achieving objectives and goals

Wolf Management is a worldwide specialist in helping professionals and executives take their careers and companies to a higher level. We help organizations and corporations implement strong executive training programs, refine techniques, increase ability, think smarter, empower knowledge, and bring out your best. Pulling from twenty-five years of research and experience, this unique and comprehensive program will challenge a client’s abilities, enhance their insight and refine their character. Their vision is fostered and expectations increased, so they perform at a higher level; a place where they become dynamic individuals and exceptional leaders.

Who Should Attend:
This advanced program is for senior managers, executives and directors. From small groups to large organizations, Wolf Management offers a tailored program for every need. Working with our consultants, we put together a plan that fits your objectives, timeframe and required skills to maximize the program’s effectiveness. Accountability and commitment are essential for a successful program.

Event Length: 2-5 Days
Although this program can be tailored from 2 to 5 days, it can also be run over a 3-12 month period, with professional coaching, assessments, and continued support.



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