Executive Leadership: The Ten Essential Elements

Executive Leadership: The Ten Essential Elements

“Leadership is action, not position” – Donald H. McGannon

Strong leadership is the most crucial asset of the new millennium. Ability and position involves responsibility: how one makes decisions, communicates with others, fosters a compelling vision, manages operations and strategy, inspires exceptional performance, encourages people to reach their maximum potential, and runs a company at its full capacity. There has never been a more important time to personify the characteristics of leadership and all the fundamentals that embody it. Whatever your background or profession, from business owner to CEO of a global company, becoming a respected and powerful leader is imperative. Learn from the best in the industry and advance your company’s training and knowledge forward.

Wolf Management is a worldwide specialist in helping professionals and executives take their careers and companies to a higher level. We help organizations and corporations implement strong leadership training programs, refine techniques, increase ability, think smarter, empower knowledge, and bring out your best. Pulling from over twenty-five years of research and experience, this unique and comprehensive program will challenge a client’s abilities, enhance their insight and refine their character. Their vision is fostered and expectations increased, so they perform at a higher level; a place where they become dynamic individuals and exceptional leaders.

Areas of Focus:

  • Become a charismatic leader that motivates others
  • Learn to properly manage and facilitate projects
  • Inspire growth and intellectual stimulation
  • Create a dynamic environment and build exceptional teams
  • Foster vision to a global perception
  • Refine objectives and business strategy
  • Set higher goals and expectations for yourself and others
  • Maximize your passion and competitiveness
  • Organize your time and energy
  • Redefine your principles and value system

Program Benefits:

  • Current evaluation of needed development
  • Refining your vision and long-term planning
  • Strategic insight for maximum competitiveness
  • Techniques for directing and managing others
  • Processes for decision making
  • Stronger communication and negotiation skills
  • Clarity about specific goals and time-lines
  • Resolving past and present issues
  • Maximizing your time effectively
  • Incorporating best-practices for global leadership
  • Improving your intellectual methodology and learning
  • 360-degree feedback about strengths and needs

Who Should Attend:
This workshop is for executives, senior managers and CEOs. We work with individuals, companies, and corporate divisions to train, coach and enhance professionals from all backgrounds.

Event Length: 2-7 Days
Although this program can be tailored from 2 to 7 days, it can also be run over a 3-12 month period, with professional coaching, assessments, and continued support.



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