Entrepreneurship: Master Your Business Intensive™

Entrepreneurship: Master Your Business Intensive™

Workshop Overview

This intensive workshop is unlike any other. You will learn the foundational elements for all successful businesses and more. Most of this workshop is not taught in any MBA school, the principles you learn and their application are unique to this event.

Participants have raved about the learning process, the role plays, and the practical application of the methodologies and techniques they have mastered. You will explore your Unique Value Proposition, Financial metrics, Leverage, Capitalization, Negotiating, Valuations and Exit Strategies and much, much more. Exercises, role plays, quizzes, and interactive discussions will test and enhance your skills and knowledge.

This is the ‘missing link’ to formal business education and a “must attend” for anyone wanting to go to the next level!

Workshop Length: 2 or 3 days (variable depending on the organizational needs)

Who Should Attend this Event:

Senior executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and middle management personnel.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Create or clarify your Unique Value Proposition
  • Learn numerous financial metrics and their interpretation
  • Combine marketing initiatives with the company’s key strategic objectives
  • Learn to read and interpret income statements and balance sheets
  • Discover capitalization methods and strategies
  • Learn business negotiating via ‘Naked’ Negotiating™
  • Learn valuation methods and exit strategies for all sizes of business

Workshop Topics

  • The UVP, SWOT and Vision
  • Understanding financial metrics and terms and their interpretation
  • Personnel practices and human behavior
  • Capitalization, funding, and boards/investors
  • ‘Naked’ Negotiating
  • The Company Game™, play it and learn
  • Valuation Methods
  • Exit strategies


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