Early Success @

Early Success @

What Is ES@?

Younger generations are arriving to the workplace in force; however, they’re often disappointed in the greeting and treatment they receive on the job. Their desire for success, need for collaboration, and technology skills don’t always match their peers and management’s work styles.  Early Success @ is a one-day workshop designed to equip the younger employee with understanding and skills needed to succeed with their Gen X and Boomer co-workers and management.

Who Should Attend ES@?

ES@is recommended for every Millennial and younger employee in the company from new hires, to seasoned staff.

Topic Areas Covered in ES@

  • Generations in today’s workplace
  • Generational
  • Differences and expectations
  • Process of Stereotyping
  • Impression Management
  • Code(s) of Conduct
  • Influencing Skills
  • Personal Performance Management

What Are the Outcomes of ES@?

At the conclusion of ES@, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Understand today’s workplace generations
  • Understand the 7 Traits of Millennials & other’s perceptions
  • Recognize how stereotypes are formed
  • Understand how to manage other’s impressions of you
  • Use a series of steps to influence without authority
  • Demonstrate personal management skills

How Is ES@ Conducted?

ES@ is customized to each company’s culture to ensure effectiveness. The workshop is designed to be a highly interactive and enjoyable workshop. Minimal reading, group discussions, video modeling, cases studies, and experiential exercises assist the adult learner to acquire, practice and transfer the concepts and skills back on the job.


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