Developing Savvy Sales Skills

Developing Savvy Sales Skills

In today's world, customers in almost any industry are much more informed, much more prepared, and much more savvy! And effective salespeople know that they need to be just as informed, prepared, and savvy to be successful in meeting their customer's needs—and achieving their sales goals. This workshop can help your sales team do just that!

Unique Approach

Time away from customers can be precious! In order to maximize your sales team's learning time, this workshop allows you to select from a "menu" of topics on current sales topics and techniques. In this way, your sales team's learning experience can be customized to fit their unique needs.

Workshop Length: half day, full day or more

Workshop Topics

Create your own customized workshop by selecting topics from the following menu:

A. Exploring The Two Sides of Sales

This facilitated exercise allows participants to explore what it is that they personally find both rewarding and challenge about sales. The challenges identified can be the basis for further sales skills development for the sales team.

B. Three Proven Sales Strategy Models That Create Customer Value

Learn the difference between three models that create customer value:

  • Transactional Sales
  • Consultative Sales
  • Enterprise Sales

*These models are based on work done by the Huthwaite, creators of SPIN Selling

C. Matching Sales Strategy to Customers

Learn how to apply the appropriate sales strategy to your sales situation.

*It is recommended that this topic be covered with the previous topic (topic B), which introduces the sales strategies

D. Consultative Sales: What Makes It Work

It's been the catch phrase in the sales industry for several years, but what makes "Consultative Sales" so popular?

E. The 12-Step Selling Process: Understanding Each Step

It's "back to the basics" with this review and discussion of the 12-step selling process.

F. Understanding Your Company's Competitive Advantage

What makes your company better than the others? This facilitated exercise helps a sales team explore and articulate why you're the best choice!

G. Understanding and Meeting Customer Expectations

Explore the "Shared Expectations Process" that can make you your customer's greatest ally.

H. Conducting Productive Customer Meetings

How well do you utilize your time at customer meetings? Learn techniques to make you—and the customer—feel like it was well worth it!

I. Active Listening and Questioning Skills: Your Key to Success!

How well do you listen to your customers? How well do you ask the right questions—at the right time?

J. The Art of Relationship Selling

If you think the "soft skills" aren't critical in sales, think again!

K. Prospecting and Targeting: Some Tried and True Techniques

Ways to go after—and get—the right customer!

L. Closing/Getting the Business: Some Tips

Are you uncomfortable asking for business? Learn how to change that discomfort into increased sales!


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