Decision Making: Resolution Expert

Decision Making: Resolution Expert

Resolution Expert™ provides your organization training in the best-in-class decision methods through the hands-on facilitation of a Focus Issue chosen by the customer. Included with Resolution Expert™ is a 60 day subscription of Accord™ for 10 users plus templates for ongoing decision management.

Program Goal: help a team rapidly reach a robust decision on  a Focus Issue and train them on the details of robust decision  making and the use Accord™, the Bayesian Team Support software.

What we do:

  1. Four-day training and facilitation course At least two days of this are face-to-face with two days optionally virtual, depending on the organization and the issue being addressed. Participants will solve a Focus Issue chosen by the customer. This is sue will be used as a backbone for training as class learns to:
    - Recognize the symptoms of poor decision making practice
    - Master the 12 Steps to Robust Decisions
    - Identify key issues
    - Generate the best criteria for evaluating options
    - Evaluate options in a balanced and fair manner
    - Manage argumentation to reach a consensus
    - Allocate scarce resources during deliberation
    - Develop decision buy-in from all stakeholders
    - Manage personal decision-making styles
    - Master Accord™ software to support the decision making process
    - Control the dynamics of group decision-making using Accord™
    - Manage the development of discriminating criteria
    - Analyze what to do next
    - Interpret decision risk
    - Perform trade studies using Accord™
    - Query the decision rationale

  2. For the Focus Issue, we will ensure that:
    a. The issue is clarified
    b. The alternative courses of action are itemized
    c. The criteria (i.e. requirements, goals), their targets are clarified
    d. What-to-do-next is clearly identified
    e. A course of action is found that is the best possible with the current team and information. The risks associated with this course of action will be identified.

  3. We will gather the importance and evaluation information. This information will be fused in class and the results of the initial evaluation discussed. Discussions include the relative satisfaction and risks associated with each alternative. Specific areas that need consensus building, additional information development or other refinement are identified at this time.

  4. A second round of refinement and evaluation will be undertaken, based on the results of Accord™ evaluation.

  5. RDI will generate a final report about the issue addressed

Key points

  • A course of action for the Focus Issue will be determined that: maximizes stakeholder buy-in, has identified and measured risk, and has a clear indication of what to do next to improve the results.
  • Participants will learn the basics of making robust decisions
  • Participants will learn to use Accord
  • Leave behinds
    - A decision for the Focus Issue
    - A methodology for framing future problems
    - A methodology for reaching Robust Decisions
    - A template for reuse, review and revisiting the Focus Issue
    - A written report on the resolution of the Focus Issue
    - 60 day license for Accord


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