Dealing With Difficult Clients: Turning difficult Into Trouble Free

Dealing With Difficult Clients: Turning difficult Into Trouble Free

Event Overview

OK, so you're not so sure you even want to look for additional business opportunities with some clients. Every interaction with them seems to be riddled with frustration. And they take up so much of your time! However, difficult relationships that can move through difficult circumstances and grow in productivity and trust. This event concentrates on turning difficulty in client relationships into trouble-free. Participants will explore the various difficult "personalities" that exist, and then learn and practice using techniques for successfully interacting with—and sometimes even changing—these personalities.

Who Should Attend this Event:

People who wish present a consistent image of a professional organization that is capable of effectively managing and meeting the needs of the difficult client.

Event Outcomes

Participants of this event will leave with the ability to:

  • Identify what motives difficult behavior
  • Identify different types of difficult personalities and acknowledge   their "triggers"
  • Develop strategies to manage difficult clients
  • Manage anxiety through the process of conflict management

Event Key Topics

  • Understanding Difficult Behavior
  • How You Listen Makes a Difference!
  • Successfully Working Through Conflict
  • Positions Of Perception
  • Aggressive Versus Assertive Behavior
  • Managing Anxiety

Event Length: This event runs 1/2 day


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