Crisis Management: Gaining Control (CM)

Crisis Management: Gaining Control (CM)

What is CM?

These are unprecedented times - the economy, society, and business in general facing challenges like never before.  Business owners and managers are facing obstacles today they could never have imagined, or planned for just 6 months ago.  

Crisis Management: Gaining Control will explore the underlying issues facing businesses right now and the actions participants can take to manage the short term & emerge successfully from the current business environment.

Who Should Attend CM?

CM is designed for owners and managers who are responsible for running their businesses in these challenging times.

Topic Areas Covered in CM

  • Identifying current business challenges – Employees & Customers
  • Recognizing Control Areas
  • Taking Positive Action to Influence Expressed & Uncovered Needs
  • Engaging both Employees & Customers in the Required Changes
  • Using an Emotional Blueprint to Recognize, Move, & Manage Emotions for the Best Outcome

What Are the Outcomes of CM?

At the conclusion of CM, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Create a positive work environment in which employees will work to their full potential in this challenging environment
  • Communicate clearly to build trust and effective working relationships
  • Manage problems and foster cooperation of both employees & customers

This session is offered in an interactive webinar format.

Webinar Total Time = 60 – 90 Minutes


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