Credit and Collections

Credit and Collections

Seminars on Cash Flow and Collection Management for the Healthcare Industry.

Jeff Wolf is a nationally recognized motivational speaker who has trained front and back office staff for physicians and hospitals to increase cash flow. As a former Certified Instructor with the American Collector's Association, Jeff is a recognized expert and consultant in medical receivables. He has trained professional medical collectors who recover up to as much as 50% of all accounts turned over to them.

Now, you and your staff can learn these strategies.

Seminars by Wolf Management Consultants, LLC cover a variety of critical-issue topics. Zero in on your needs, or include many of Jeff’s strategic, proven methods in your seminar content. Topics include:

  • Patient Registration--It all starts here. This is the first step in eliminating collection problems. Begin increasing cash flow by setting up financial policies.
  • Front Office Process--Phone skills for increased professionalism, improving patient satisfaction, providing quality service and handling patient complaints.
  • Patient Exit--How to insure a positive patient exit, reduce costs and increase cash flow
  • Better billing techniques--Reduce costs and increase cash flow by generating statements more effectively.
  • Improving the collection process--Frequency of calls. Teamwork in the office.
  • Secrets that professional medical collectors use--Asking and receiving payment in full, classifying the patient, controlling the conversation, knowing when to call, knowing how to negotiate higher payments and how to set up effective partial payment plans.
  • Improving communication skills and eliminating stress in the collection process.
  • 7 proven steps that professional medical collectors use to make telephone collection calls.


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Nationally acclaimed speaker

International bestselling author Jeff Wolf is now available for your next meeting, conference or convention to provide a high-energy presentation filled with strategies and techniques attendees can immediately apply to improve their skills.