Corporate Communication & Media Training

Corporate Communication & Media Training

Media is one of the most powerful ways to enhance your reputation with customers and prospects. Getting interviewed and projecting your image in the right journals and media services increases your visibility, builds your brand, and sets you apart from competitors. Anyone speaking or communicating to the industry must be organized, confident and well prepared. With over twenty years of experience in the media industry, we understand how the industry works and what is needed. Using our 30 Point Assessment, we thoroughly prepare and train you for any situation. We work closely with public relation firms, communication directors, marketing groups, and senior executives.

Your Team Will Learn How To:

  • Look professional on camera and project confidence
  • Prepare for interviews and know what reporters want
  • Deliver the image and message you want
  • Promote your company successfully
  • Anticipate questions and manage tough interviews
  • Handle critical issues and subjects
  • Shift to important topics

Our Interactive Assessment:

  • Personal History Interview
  • Trusted Advisor Survey
  • 360-degree Interviews and Feedback Report
  • Communication Style Review
  • 30 Point Assessment
  • Evaluation of digital recordings and other assessments

Program & Corporate Benefits:

  • Create powerful, forward-moving narratives using evidence & logic
  • Enhance your message & presentation skills
  • Learn to listen & observe your audience
  • Comfortably handle skeptical, resistant, & difficult listenersCraft convincing and memorable speeches

No matter what industry you are in or how complex the topic, our sessions will help focus and clarify your message so you connect with the audience and make a real impact. You will learn confidence and style, while commanding a room or interview and delivering an influential speech or presentation. Your digital recording practice sessions will provide constructive feedback, instructing you on your progression and setting new goals for success.

Our commitment:
Wolf Management training programs give your spokespeople and executives the opportunity to work with seasoned media professionals and gain the desired results. Whether you want just one day of training or extensive consultation, we can provide any needed services. By using a veteran team of media experts, you get the job done more efficiently and effectively. We coach our clients in body language, gestures, voice, posture, movement, and facial expressions—all the important elements of verbal and non-verbal communication. We also focus on both content and style, helping clients create compelling and convincing messages. Learn to project a confident and successful image among your customers, employees, shareholders, and the public.

Who Should Attend:
We work closely with public relation firms, communication directors, marketing groups, and senior executives. We create a fun and exciting environment to help you gain confidence, perfect your skills, and become a powerful speaker.

Event Length: 1-7 Days
This program is customized to an organization’s specific needs and can be incorporated into longer, ongoing training programs.



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