Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Event Overview

Conflict.  Misunderstandings. Disagreements.  It seems we’re always at odds with someone  else at work!  Can’t we all just get along?  Why does every task or project or  decision have to be so difficult and feel so uncomfortable?  Maybe there are some  “quick fixes” to these problems and the conflict doesn’t go as deep as you  think it does.  Maybe you need to think  in a more analytical, and less emotional, manner in order to dissect the difference  of opinion. This highly-interactive and self-assessing event allows  participants to determine their primary conflict resolution style and whether  that style works in every situation.

Who Should Attend this Event:

People who  interact with others in the workplace and want to make sure they’re equipped  with useful tools for addressing misunderstandings, disagreements, and  conflicts of interest.

Event Outcomes

Participants of  this event will leave with:

  • A recollection of where they learned about  conflict and what they specifically learned that may or may not be aiding them in the workplace
  • An understanding of what constitutes conflict,  when conflict is necessary, and how to use conflict productively
  • A differentiation between conflict,  misunderstanding, and disagreement and an action plan for addressing each
  • An understanding of and realization of the importance of  “position” vs. “interests” and how to use the tool for dissecting conflict
  • Knowledge of the five conflict resolution strategies (competition, compromise, collaboration, avoidance, and accommodation) and the pros and cons of each style
  • An ability to put the tools together to  “problem-solve” conflicts with others at work

Event Length

This event runs one hour.


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