Conducting a Thorough Needs Analysis for Prospects and Clients

Conducting a Thorough Needs Analysis for Prospects and Clients

Workshop Overview

Do you appreciate it when a salesperson tries to sell you something you don’t think you need, or don’t want? Next time this happens to you, don’t blame the salesperson; blame their company! Poorly equipped salespeople will do almost anything to hit a quota or make a commission, including making a bad sale. Wouldn’t you be mortified to know that this could be happening right under your nose? A bad sale isn’t worth the negative consequences to the future of your company.

At the heart of every good sale is a buyer that feels great about their decision. Satisfied buyers equal repeat customers, more referrals for you, and in the growing (shrinking) world of social media, more and better Tweets, “Likes” and Yelps! Discovering what a buyer truly values, what is of essential importance to them, and then tying those values and needs to a solution that your product or service can meet, is the key to customer satisfaction. When your buyers feel good about the sales process, they feel good about your company.

Workshop Outcomes

Through a combination of facilitated brainstorming, individual exercises, and presentation, participants will develop a thorough understanding of the Needs Analysis process during prospecting in order to start each new client relationship on a solid foundation. Additionally, since many salespeople today are also responsible for account growth, participants will also take away skills to deepen existing relationships, potentially layering in more services and/or products that are appropriate, thus adding to your bottom line. A thorough step-by-step process that is easy for anyone to follow will be presented and practiced throughout the session, arming your frontline people with the skills necessary to strengthen customer satisfaction!

Who Should Attend This Event

  • Experienced top producing sales people – comfortable with existing relationships, many top producers falter in bringing new clients to the table. This session will jumpstart their drive to acquire new business with a simple easy to follow process to develop new client relationships, and potentially add revenue to their bottom line with additional services their existing clients need.
  • Brand new sales people – develop the skills that top producers in every industry rely upon to hit their numbers.
  • Sales management professionals – Add to your toolbox in order to support and strengthen the skills of all your direct reports.
  • Account management professionals – in companies that separate sales and account management, arm your account management people with the same growth skills you need your salespeople to have…many of these individuals may desire sales positions and this is a great way to assess their skills.

Workshop Key Topics

  • Do you really know what your prospects and clients want? How do you know?
  • Sales or account management…how to tell the difference and what to do to up the ante.
  • Defining goals for each sales call.
  • Why scripts aren’t evil, and how to plan an effective sales call complete with a list of great questions to use if you get stuck.
  • Steps to take once you’ve developed the need…following up with solutions.
  • Don’t let your competition sell YOUR clients something your clients didn’t know your company could do for them!

Workshop Duration: 1 day



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