Charismatic Speaking Through Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

Charismatic Speaking Through Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

In this cutting-edge course, you'll learn the secrets of how the most charismatic speakers create their success and perform their magic International Neuro-Linguistic Psychology expert Gary De Rodriguez will show you how to use the remarkably effective tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the art and science of human excellence, to speak to a few or to hundreds. Learn how to become dynamic and influential with any audience as used by the greatest entrepreneurs, orators, and inspirational leaders of all time. Develop effective strategies for communication as you learn: how to capture and hold attention, evoke emotional states, structuring material logically, designed voice and body characteristics proven to captivate, and turning any fears into certainty. You know your message deserves to be heard! Decide now and design a presentation that is charismatic!



What exactly is Neuro-Linguistic Psychology?
Overview on the nervous system
The power of Language and symbols of thinking
The Psychology, Programming and Patterns we develop as humans

The history of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology

Neuro-Linguistic Psychology Communication
Model How we create meaning, associations, process information, and reality
The Science of our neurology and how the personality develops

Yes Sets
How to create initial agreement with your audience

Displacing Resistance
How to connect with those that disagree
How to maintain control of a presentation

The Significance of Voice Patterns
How to be credible and influential with your audience
How to be approachable and conversational to engage your audience

Eye Patterns
The science of eye patterns and their connection to the nervous system
What eye patterns reveal about us and how we are processing Information in real time
How to facilitate effective communication and learning through the understanding of eye patterns
How to past orient and future orient the audience

The Structure of Charisma
Learn the preferred learning systems of your audience
How to structure your presentation to capture the audience

The Trainer's State
Creating optimal emotional states before and during your presentation
The Science of resource anchoring

Setting Stage Anchors
How to elicit emotions from the audience

Satir Categories
Archetypal communication categories
How to develop stage roles that captivate the audience continuously

Logical Formats
The use of storyboarding to develop the presentation sequence
How to integrate concrete thinking, creative teaching, and abstract Thinking
Developing metaphors


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