Change Management - Creating Authentic Solutions™

Change Management - Creating Authentic Solutions™

This assignment should be preceded by Business Diagnostics in order to establish the root-cause of the current challenge to performance. Distinguishing between symptoms from root-causes saves time, money and aggravation by executives, employees and clients.

Although one specific root-cause can be solved with multiple possible solutions, once should be concerned with which one is Authentic, i.e.:

  • Addresses the root-cause(s)
  • Aligns with strategic direction
  • Generates synergy within existing system

Creating Authentic Solutions™ is a process that formulates criteria for extracting a few plausible solutions from an ocean of possible solutions. This is a great service for executive decision-makers who are ultimately responsible for their choices; read: their consultant’s advice.

Who Should Participate

  • Executive decision-makers
  • Problem-owners; managers who assumed responsibility for the afflicted process(es) and who are authorized to commit necessary resources for solving the issue.
  • Change managers


Participants will take-away:

  • A systematic approach towards Creating Authentic Solutions™
  • Proper procedures lead to a short-list of plausible solutions
  • Involvement and influence of decision-maker on the process

Key Topics

  • What are the root-causes?
  • What are the plausible solutions from which to choose?
  • What are the critical success factors?


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