Change: Leading and the Challenge of Change

Change: Leading and the Challenge of Change

This extremely interactive course is designed to build your skill and knowledge so that you can help others understand and manage their plans, behaviors and attitudes around organizational change issues. You will be able to proactively identify and manage change by helping others assess opportunities and engage in solution-oriented thinking related to challenges. You will assess various personality types and their initial reaction to change so that you can proactively create teams and processes (i.e., communication, information sharing, project planning) that capitalize on strengths and empower work groups to function as teams in the midst of often times, chaotic situations. You will learn a simple four-step model for encouraging the open exchange of ideas and knowledge.

  • The program will help participants understand the Bridges Model of Change and Transition so that participants will have an increased understanding of the process-difference between a specific change and the transitional process that individuals experience due to that change and how it affects their attitudes, behaviors, ability to remain task focused and timely
  • The program will help participants explore how companies and managers can help their people make the move from
    - Denial
    - Resistance
    - Experimentation
  • Commitment, by employing strategies that ensure success
  • This program will help participants understand how change impacts all aspects of a company's stakeholders, projects, products and processes. Using a 360vu matrix, participants use small   group dialogues to assess impacts, opportunities and challenges
  • Finally, this program walks participants through a change implementation plan that can be adapted uniquely to the participants organization

Organizations may choose from one-day (short program which overviews major concepts and uses the small group dialogue process) or a two-day program (long program which overviews concepts, engages participants in small group dialogues, as well as provides optional strategic planning activities, and a four-step coaching process to help individual employees and employee teams to better manage change in their work environments.)


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