Change: Dealing with the Uncertainties of Change - Establishing Focus

Change: Dealing with the Uncertainties of Change - Establishing Focus

Change is confusing and thus inhibits focus; it befuddles the mind and prevents people from thinking clearly and arriving at sound decisions.

A mind that lives in uncertainty says no to change. Consequently, the fear of the unknown results in resistance to change. The unknown originates from growth, or doing new things that you have never done before.

Therefore, when growing your company, navigating into uncharted territory is inevitable. Your success as a leader depends on your ability to make the UN-known known and avoid taking unnecessary risks.

When you can focus people’s minds on a clear objective, you can let them surprise you with their ingenuity in finding a way to success.

Who Should Attend

  • Executives and Senior Managers (steering committee members)
  • Managers in charge of Projects (non-routine activities)
  • Managers in Business Process Management
  • Managers in Organizational Development


Participants will take-away:

  • The empowering effect of following a universal change-model
  • The joy of discovering how much you know about unfamiliar topics
  • Clear and easy to communicate focus

Key Topics

  • How to establish clear focus from confusing situations?
  • How to create a change plan following a universal change model?
  • How to get everyone on the same page?


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