Business Strategy: The Essential Approach & Structure

Business Strategy: The Essential Approach & Structure

In today’s fast paced and technology savvy environment, many organizations lose their sense of direction. Companies are focusing less on quality service, customer satisfaction or product innovation and more on the bottom line, regardless of the future consequences. Long-term strategic goals, empowering employees through recognition, and ongoing training programs seem to be a thing of the past. Quality is replaced with flash-over-substance; leadership has become a theme with no core values or consistent behavior; profound goals that set other companies apart have been replaced with impossible quarterly targets, causing employees to cut corners and compromise their work. Now is the time to rebuild, rethink, and be guided by stronger leadership and well guided strategy.

This exciting and interactive program helps a company reestablish its direction and vision for the future. We analyze your mission, vision, and values, incorporating them throughout the organization; review and enhance your business and marketing plan; develop and redefine your long-term strategy for the future, focusing on short and long-term goals; evaluate your company’s attributes and capabilities; improve your product and service cycle; analyze the industry evolution and where it’s headed; increase employee efficiency and productivity; look at potential growth, domestically and globally; and help foster a competitive marketing plan.

The Essential Structure:

  1. Mission, Vision, & Values
  2. Business & Marketing Plan
  3. Strategy Formulation
  4. Value Chain: From Start to Final Destination
  5. In-depth S.W.O.T. Analysis
  6. Five Forces of Competitive Threats
  7. Cost Analysis & Financial Assessment
  8. Maximize Efficiency, Innovation & Creativity
  9. Employee & Leadership Development
  10. Customer & Industry Perception

Some Areas of Focus

Business Profile & Definition

  • What Industry are you in?
  • Is it where you belong?
  • Have things changed?
  • What needs to improve?
  • How do you grow and increase profit?
  • What areas can you expand in?
  • Trends verses new pockets of opportunity
  • Life Cycle Analysis: Birth>>Growth>>Maturity>>Decline


  • Mission Statement:
    - Define, evaluate & incorporate
    - The thread that runs through everything
    - All employees know & embody it
    - Influences strategic decisions
    - Must remain consistent
  • Vision Statement:
    - Compelling vision & longevity for the future
    - Starting with the end in mind (10-20 years +)
    - Understanding where you’re going & why?
    - What will it look like when you’re there
    - A vision is exciting & encouraging
    - It drives exceptional performance & teamwork
  • Values:
    - The embodiment of what you stand for
    - Clearly define principles & beliefs
    - Incorporated into your objectives
    - A shared philosophy that penetrates every decision
    - What you’re organization is respected for
    - All employee action derives from it


  • Strategy is about making choices & how to position a company
  • An interconnecting system of roles & relationships
  • Reaches all individuals & departments
  • Organizational Architecture: A Game Plan for competitive success
  • Must define your role & what you excel at
  • Identifies responsibility & the links between them
  • Cannot be all things to all people

Strategy Focus:

  • Strategy affects the entire organization by providing direction
  • Strategy includes both conceptual & analytical thought processes
  • Strategy incorporates formation & implementation
  • Strategy adapts the organization to its business environment
  • Strategy is fluid & consistent, driving consistent results
  • Strategy is clear and works at all business levels

Strategy Formulation:

  • Long-term Plan
    - Where are you now
    - Where do you want to go
    - How do you get there
  • Set business objectives:
    - Parallels a Time-Line
         - Short & long term goals
    - Integrate Mission Statement
    - Incorporate Vision & Values
    - Overall business objectives
         - Strategic plan for business units
         - Tactical objectives
         - Competitive objectives
         - Company initiative & culture
         - Training & development programs
    - Organizational Architecture for the future
  • Suitability>>>Feasibility>>>Acceptability

Value Chain: From Start to Final Destination

  • Define the process from start to finish
  • How can it be improved or facilitated
  • What cost savings can be implemented
  • How do you improve technology or management efficiency
  • Can you implement Six Sigma methodology

Five Forces:

  • New Entry
  • Threat of Substitution
  • Bargaining Power of Buyers
  • Bargaining Power of Suppliers
  • Rivalry Among Current Competitors

S.W.O.T. Analysis: Strengths: A Company’s core competency and resource analysis

  • Define areas you excel in
  • Does your company have a clear strategic direction
  • What does your organization do well
  • What are you intellectual & expertise assets
  • How strong is your company in the market
  • Is your organization’s culture a positive environment

Weaknesses: Evaluate your liabilities

  • What could be improved at the organization
  • What does your company do poorly
  • Could morale, focus, and efficiency be enhanced
  • What should be avoided
  • Are you unable to finance needed technology or other areas
  • Do you have poor debt or cash flow

Opportunity: Analyze your customers & market attractiveness

  • What favorable circumstances are your facing
  • What are the interesting trends that you can follow
  • Is your company positioned to take on those trends
  • Is your company entering new markets
  • Is your company advanced in technology
  • Are you developing new products or enhancing current ones

Threats: Know what your competitors are doing

  • What obstacles do you face
  • What is your competition doing
  • Are the specifications for your products or services changing
  • Is changing technology threatening your position
  • What economic changes threaten you
  • What policies are lawmakers backing & does it affect your industry

Program & Company Benefits:

  • Complete analysis of your company & current situation
  • Understanding & Incorporating the Essential Structure
  • Defining specific areas for improvement or change
  • Enhancing & utilizing your core assets
  • Using your competitive advantages in the industry
  • Improving communication & knowledge sharing
  • Advancing your leadership & management training
  • Increasing overall employee performance & efficiency
  • Building a Dynamic Culture in Your Organization
  • Coordinating an ongoing plan for action & execution

Wolf Management employs a combination of experience and methodology to foster significant strategic results, targeting critical issues and bringing insights based on detailed analysis and expert insight. We identify opportunities to improve a company’s operational efficiencies, strengthen relationships within and outside an organization, and manage change to achieve and sustain success. Drawing on our global network of resources and expertise, we bring together the right minds for the best results. We have a broad reach across industries and geographies, providing business direction, creating long-term value and maximizing superior performance. Wolf Management builds on our client’s unique experience and incorporates our expert knowledge and complete dedication.

Who Should Attend:

This exciting and insightful program is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, directors and CEOs. From start-ups to well established organizations, this workshop is essential to have and incorporate into your business. Working with our consultants, we put together a plan that fits your timeframe and objectives to maximize the program’s effectiveness. From small groups to large organizational initiatives, Wolf Management offers a tailored program for every need. Accountability and commitment are essential for a successful program.

Event Length: 2 Days

Although this program is 2 days, it can also be run over a period of time, with professional consulting and continued support.


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