Business-Diagnostics - Quantifying Performance Challenges

Business-Diagnostics - Quantifying Performance Challenges

A challenge to your performance is a variance between your actual results and your projected results or strategy. This variance is measurable in terms of its severity, growth rate and urgency. Most of the time, what looks like a single challenge or symptom, has more than one root-cause. Measuring these root-causes allows for prioritizing corrective action.

Problems can easily migrate throughout your system because modern business processes are often complexly interdependent and executed on tightly coupled resources. The up-side is that more than one challenge can be resolved by solving one root-cause.

Without proper Business Diagnostics your chances of solving any challenge are reduced to trial-and-error. Although this might seem quicker, it often turns out to be more expensive, dragging out over a longer period of time and causing unnecessary aggravation to employees and customers.

Business Diagnostics is the only guarantee for creating Authentic Solutions™ that address root-causes, align with strategy and generate synergy within the existing processes.

Who Should Participate

  • Problem-owners; those responsible for the affected business function and who have authority to commit necessary resources.


Participants will take-away:

  • Insight into the root-cause(s) of the challenge(s) to performance
  • Prioritization of corrective actions
  • Critical success factors for creating Authentic Solutions™

Key Topics

  • Measuring actual results and collecting data on projected results
  • Measuring variance between actual and projected results
  • Solving root-cause(s) once and for all


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