Building Buy-in for Tough Decisions

Building Buy-in for Tough Decisions

Workshop Overview:
Most decisions affect many people. Unless each stakeholders buy-in is developed during the decision-making process the odds of decision “sticking” are low. One study showed that there was no evidence of a decision being made two years later in over half of all business decisions.  In other words the decisions didn't stick.  The time used to make them and other resources expended trying to implement them were just plain wasted!

In another study executives were asked about decision-making in their organizations, only 28% said that the quality of strategic decisions in their companies was generally good. Sixty percent thought that bad decisions were about as frequent as good ones, and the remaining 12% thought good decisions were infrequent.  One reason for these poor results is the decision making process and its lack of ability to build buy-in amongst the stakeholders.

Buy-in does not imply consensus, it does not mean that everyone agrees with the conclusion reached.  Buy-in does not mean being told what the manager wants and saying that you will help make it happen.  Buy-in is built during decision-making by gathering the best information and ideas from stakeholders; learning what they see as the risks and uncertainties; and combining all in a manner that respects contributions.

This workshop is a mix of

Workshop Outcomes:
This highly interactive session will provide:

  • How to build buy-in for tough decisions
  • Best-practices for building successful decisions

Workshop Key Topics:

  • When is the right time to decide
  • What are your stakeholder values
  • What information is held and by whom 
  • Deciding what to do next

Workshop Length: 2 days
Can be customized to needs of participants


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