Building Bridges: Partnering for Success Overview

Building Bridges: Partnering for Success Overview



  • Consultation with Team Leader or Manager.
  • Team Leader invites group/s to partner and sends Letter of Invitation.
  • Team Leaders discuss with their groups and send Letter of Confirmation for Partnering Associates.
  • All partnering associates complete and mail their Mission, Goals, Team Effectiveness Profiles, and Organizational Culture Inventories four (4) weeks before the workshop.
  • All partnering associates prepare their Overview Worksheets and make other necessary arrangements


  • A powerful three (3) day workshop where organizations come together to,
  • Apply the Partnering Model for shared business opportunities.
  • Establish communication channels.
  • Assess their organizational culture and inter-departmental relations for better use of resources.
  • Establish SMART objectives
  • Create an action plan for implementation and commitment
  • Focus on learning and change efforts that lead to organizational success.


  • One-day, customized workshop within six (6) weeks after Building Bridges — Partnering for Success.
  • Review what has happened in the interim-were the goals implemented? If not, why not?
  • Review Force Field analysis of Climate Setting & Mutual Planning and Objectives, compared to the present
  • Review Team Effectiveness Profiles or Organizational Climate Inventory, as appropriate.
  • Develop new goal commitment and forward momentum for implementation of shared business opportunities.


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