Building Bridges: Partnering for Success

Building Bridges: Partnering for Success


Why Building Bridges? Because Building Bridges helps span separations between teams, departments, divisions or organizations, by providing tools for successful collaboration. It enables diverse elements of a work force to integrate their goals and capitalize on all critical resources.

Why Building Bridges? Because successful resource management cannot rely on traditional standards. The standard now is CHANGE. We are challenged by CHANGE in information, in product technology, and in the diversity of the workforce; CHANGE in the economic factors of business and performance; and CHANGE in the globalization of the marketplace. The vigor of customers' insistence upon quality products and excellent service compounds this rapid CHANGE. Customers want to see outstanding results, hear words of cooperation and fulfillment, and feel "delighted" with the manner in which they are treated and serviced. Building Bridges helps leaders with limited resources engender a spirit of cooperation while meeting the needs of this demanding marketplace. With the impact of all these powerful forces, only adaptive, resourceful organizations will survive the new millennium.


Building Bridges moves organizations from unproductive competition to cooperation and successful partnership. It moves local units within a company from individual team-building to team collaboration across departmental lines. Customers and suppliers begin to cooperate as a team; and aligned agencies move to team coordination. Building Bridges supports the implementation of Total Quality, and the effective use of ALL resources: materials, systems, dollars, time and people.

It answers questions like:

  • How do we interact with other organizations to better use our present resources?
  • How do we build more positive customer and supplier relationships?

And it answers the most critical challenge:

  • How do we manage the explosive nature of change to our advantage?

How? By building bridges and partnering for success!!


We help participants identify situations and opportunities for collaboration with other organizations where integration of resources and/or interests will benefit ALL.

Building Bridges challenges the participants to confront their value systems, attitudes, behavior, commitment and communication. It charges them in their work groups to resolve conflict and disagreement mutually with other groups, arranging priorities to meet the needs of all parties. Building Bridges assists participants to establish open and full communication, while capitalizing on differences, strengths and unique capabilities. When there is trust between work groups, they will be able to combine resources and create goals that are mutually beneficial.


You and your organization will learn to maximize your efforts through the integration of interests and goals and the appropriate management of inter-departmental resources. This translates to actual dollars saved and guides you to new opportunities for profit. You lay the ground-work for long-term benefits by establishing the CLIMATE for MUTUAL PLANNING, building bridges that move plans into ACTIONS, actions that achieve RESULTS. You create an environment that fosters new insights and new behaviors, for handling today's CHALLENGE of CHANGE.


Call Wolf Management Consultants - We will customize this initiative to suit the needs and time frames of your organization. We build our business around your business!


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