Be a Great Coach!

Be a Great Coach!

Be a Great Coach! explores an important role that all leaders can play in the workplace: that of a "coach." Coaching enhances the capabilities and performance of employees, high-potentials and top performers. Organizations with a strong coaching culture develop higher engagement and performance. Coaching increases productivity, builds teamwork, motivates employees to elevate performance levels and helps them overcome obstacles for success.

This workshop will help you discover ways to increase your effectiveness in that role. Through information sharing, becoming familiar with coaching approaches and processes, and practicing key coaching skills, you’ll build the foundation necessary to be a "great coach!"

Participants of the session will:

- Clearly understand the benefit of taking on the role of coach within their organization.
- Acquire and practice the essential skills and knowledge that support effective coaching behavior.
- Use a coaching process that will help ensure the success of coaching discussions, and the associated desired outcome of the discussion.
- Improve ability to cultivate excellence in their staff.
- Enhance skills for giving constructive criticism and positive feedback
- Enhance their ability to motivate and inspire others to higher levels of performance
- Improve the ability to manage, coach and develop your staff     

Workshop Key Topics*

What Is Coaching in the Workplace?

* Leaders as Coaches
* Why Organizations are Focusing on Coaching
* What Makes an Effective Coach
* The Coaches Role
* The Key Coaching Skills and Competencies
* Understanding Your Coaching Approach
* The Coaching Process
* How to Provide Constructive and Meaningful Performance Feedback
* Key Behaviors or Traps to Avoid in Coaching Others
* How Coaching Can Add Value and Improve Performance
* The Role of Manager/Leader as Coach and Teacher
* Roadmap for Coaching Discussions
* Pitfalls of Coaching
* Putting It All Together: Practice Sessions

Workshop Length: 1-2 days. The program is highly interactive and experiential.

Optional: The coaching program may be followed up with periodic check-ins and coaching to help the coaches ensure they are performing their role and responsibilities at optimal levels of effectiveness.


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