Attitude Adjustment: Getting Rid of Stinkn’ Thinkn’

Attitude Adjustment: Getting Rid of Stinkn’ Thinkn’

Getting rid of stinkin’ thinkin’

It is said that Attitude Is Everything, and it‟s the truth. While a person may have the skills or knowledge to perform a task or do a job, it does not mean that they will have the desire (attitude) to do so energetically, passionately or even correctly.

A good attitude leads to a desire to perform well, enjoy work, and do good for others. Whereas skills grow and competence remains once learned, attitudes change over time depending on the person‟s life circumstances, emotions, perceptions and beliefs. So if there is a desire to change or improve an attitude we must begin with a look inside the person: what are they thinking, believing, and feeling about others, themselves, and their work.

This ½ day session takes participants on a journey within and offers them inner understanding, as well as providing them with information about how attitudes are formed, sustained and how they can change. This is valuable information for people wanting to grow themselves personally and professionally, and influence others, creating a positive work environment.

Core sections include:

I. Getting rid of stinkin‟ thinkin‟

  • The creation cycle: how we create our own stress and reality
  • Understanding how we developed our thinking patterns to begin with and how old memories are imprinted within us and influence our current attitudes
  • Paradigm shifts: no one and nothing is against you; no one is doing anything to you; you control your own attitudinal and interactional destiny
  • New thought: change happens from the inside, out
  • Assess stressors outside of work that have negative impacts on your attitudes at work

II. Out with the old

  • Become self-aware and begin to know thyself: engage in self-assessments
  • Stop falling into the same hole: identifying the holes and barriers that block your way; the definition of insanity: changing course
  • Attitude adjustments: letting go of the dead weight

III. In with the new

  • Understanding the stimuli that produce unintended results in attitude and assessing the new choices that you can make
  • Thought stopping/shifting; understanding trigger events/people
  • Peer feedback and peer support programs that place positive peer pressure on peers and confront negative attitudes

IV. Making Team/Cultural Agreements and Coming to Terms with 4 Key Agreements that can change your attitude and your life

  • Six fundamental things leaders can do to create a positive attitudinal culture
  • Servant leadership: What you can do to help others shift their attitudes

The Creation Cycle:

The thoughts we hold in mind, produce after there kind?
So, what thoughts do you hold each day?
They can make or break our attitude and our entire day.

Time Frame:
1 day

Group Size:

open to all

interactive & experiential utilizing large group activities, small group dialogues.

Client prerequisites:


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