Assessment, Making Good People Decisions: Maximizing Fit And ROI

Assessment, Making Good People Decisions: Maximizing Fit And ROI

Individual Assessment for Staffing and Development

To be successful in today's marketplace, organizations need employees who possess the competencies and work style that are aligned with organization's culture and strategic objectives. The overall effectiveness of each organization's workforce and its ultimate business success depends on the ability to maximize the "fit" between job candidates' competencies and the needs of the business. In other words, will the person's style, values, and skills match the requirements of the position?

WMC partners with its clients to help them select and develop people who can and will perform by using a variety of assessment strategies such as individual assessment and competency-based interviewing. Individual assessment is one of the cornerstones of our practice. It is used primarily for candidate selection or career development. The purpose of the assessment is to identify and describe in meaningful terms how an individual will behave and "fit" within an organization. In addition, it helps managers to better understand people already on the job and people being considered for additional responsibilities.

The assessment process is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients to ensure thorough and comprehensive results. In most cases, the assessment process consists of a customized battery of ability, aptitude, personality and motivation measures combined with an in-depth behavioral interview. The assessment process usually has three components: a homework assignment, on-site testing, and a one-on-one interview. The process typically requires three to four hours. A full written report of assessment results is provided to the client within five business days, usually much less. Immediate telephone feedback is also available for clients who are interested in keeping the selection process moving along swiftly.

Making Good People Decisions: Maximizing Fit and ROI

In an article on executive talent, the Wall Street Journal (January, 1998) stated: "Fit is it. When a company hires the wrong person, things can go very wrong, very fast."

CEOs are most often hired for their general management and leadership abilities; not for their specialized industry knowledge. They are typically brought in to signal a change in direction, to turn around an ailing business, to lend a fresh perspective and to, in general, "shake things up."

But bringing in an outsider can be risky. There is always the question of compatibility with the company's culture. Will the person's style, skill set, and competencies match the requirements of the position? Does the candidate demonstrate the ability to analyze thoroughly, assess quickly and act decisively? In short, is the candidate a good "fit" with the needs of hiring organization?

Mistakes can be costly both in financial and in human terms. Not only do companies pay large fees to recruiters, executive new hires typically command significant salaries, options and bonuses as well as a severance payout. But the real cost of a mismatch comes in lost momentum. An organization loses valuable time, focus, and direction when a leader turns out to be ill suited for the job. And then the process of selection must start over again.

How can you improve the success rate of new hires and internal promotions? Wolf Management Consultants, LLC can provide comprehensive individual assessments that help to identify competencies and characteristics that can influence how an individual will perform and fit within an organization. Using a combination of tests, interviews and screenings, WMC can provide invaluable perspective on the match between an individual and the needs of the organization. The assessment information, combined with other relevant data, provides companies with a more complete picture of a candidate's strengths and weaknesses so that the best possible decisions regarding candidate selection and internal promotion can be made.


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