Art of Communication

Art of Communication

“We always speak well when we manage to be understood.” - Moliere

Master the Art of Communication The contemporary world depends on effective and powerful communication.  What you say and how you deliver it is crucial to your success.  Whether you are in management, sales or executive leadership, delivering confident and concise messages to your audience is essential. Often when giving a speech or lecture, your listeners are not hearing what you think they are.  Your presentation and movement, your body language, gestures, and your vocal dynamics are all broadcasting messages you may not even realize.  These techniques contribute to how effective you are in both formal and informal settings and are essential for all employees, managers, and executives to embody and master.

Workshop Overview: Want a competitive edge in business and convey a profession image?  This public speaking workshop offers valuable ways to help individuals and companies build confidence, convey authenticity and project a professional image.  Our dedicated experts work with you to refine your skills and bring out your best.  Whether it’s a small group or large crowd, we strengthen your ability to persuade, motivate and impact employees and key audiences.  Our program will help professionals worldwide develop and deliver their important messages for maximum impact; you will learn to influence others, negotiate effectively, and win new business.

Your message: Words have great power.  Whether the words are few and focused or abundant and sweeping, knowing what to say and how to deliver it has lasting impact.  One powerful sentence can lift an audience to action or change a person’s career.  Properly crafting your message is the difference between being exceptional or average; remembered or forgotten.  Learn how to skillfully choose your words and incorporate a fluid language into a professionally structured presentation; discover how to convey an influential, memorable and successful message.

Vocal: Learn to use your voice in ways that ensure success when speaking in public or informal gatherings.  Voice flexuation, tonality and projection make up 38% of any delivery, so learn the techniques and skills involved in presenting a dynamic and exceptional speech.  Whether it’s a business presentation or a lecture, the quality of your verbal communication defines your purpose and qualifies the value of your meaning.  Pacing your presentation and highlighting key moments helps emphasis your point and convey a clear message.

Body Language: Learn how to make your speeches interesting through body language.  The human body contains more than 700 muscles, but few utilize the quality of movement.  Speakers tend to focus their efforts trying to illustrate their points, despite overwhelming evidence that your body speaks louder than words.  Physiology makes up 55% of communication, so proper movement is essential to establishing effectiveness and winning an audience.  We will teach you techniques that make your speaking presentations powerful.

Key Topics:

  • Content, Structure & Organization
  • Posture & Appearance
  • Movement, Body Language & Gestures
  • Connection & Eye Contact
  • Vocal Delivery, Projection & Voice Flexuation
  • Humor and Storytelling
  • Balance and Pacing
  • Overall Delivery and Impact
  • Motivating, Inspiring & Directing Others
  • Successfully Negotiating Projects & Contracts
  • Winning New Business & Opportunities

Program Benefits:

  • Powerfully Communicating to Individuals or Groups
  • Conveying Greater Confidence & Charisma
  • Centering Your Message Around the Audience
  • Getting Listeners to Think &  Feel What You Want
  • Speaking Assertively in Meetings & Conversations
  • Developing Your Own Unique Speaking Style
  • Mastering Body Language with Effective Gestures
  • Refining a Polished & Professional Image
  • Learning to Give an Impromptu Speech
  • Effectively Incorporating Humor & Storytelling
  • Writing & Composition Skills with Compelling Content
  • Breathing & Relaxation Techniques
  • Refining Listening & Memory Skills

Corporate Benefits:

  • Creates a Dynamic Learning & Development Atmosphere
  • Gives Your Company a Competitive Edge
  • Stimulates Employees’ Interest in Improving Their Skills
  • Motivates Your Staff to Seek Improvement & Refinement
  • Builds Trust and Long-term Relationships with Stakeholders
  • Increases Employee Retention by Fostering Engagement
  • Enables a Return on Your Investment in Training & Development
  • Improves Employees’ Confidence, Strengths & Needs
  • Facilitates Leadership Advancement

People want to connect with you, clearly understand your message, and hear specific goals that get them excited.  By becoming an exceptional communicator you inspire trust, engage your audience and motivate others.  Whether at work, conferences, organizational meetings or worldwide lectures, learn to speak with influence and define your role as a leader.

Our Commitment: Wolf Management helps you in organizing, writing, editing, preparing, and practicing any presentation you have.  We coach our clients in body language, gestures, voice, posture, movement, and facial expressions—all the important elements of verbal and non-verbal communication. We focus on both content and style, helping clients create compelling and convincing messages.  Each workshop is customized, focusing on a company’s specific needs and goals. Individual training or coaching sessions are also available and allow you to work in real time on projects and events.

Who Should Attend: From small business owners, non-profits, law firms, universities to Fortune 500 companies, this workshop is a must for any employee, manager and executive.  We create a fun and exciting environment to help you gain confidence, perfect your skills, and become a powerful speaker.

Event Length: 1-2 Days Materials and workbooks will be provided to all attendees.  These workshops our customized to an organization’s specific needs and can be incorporated into longer, ongoing training programs.



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