Anger Management at Work

Anger Management at Work

Anger colors our sight and our consciousness at work. It blinds us to the true intentions and value of other people. It creates stress within our selves, chaos within relationships at work, promotes constant criticism of others, shatters teamwork, produces a culture of conflict at work and reduces productivity.

Anger-related behavior in whatever form – passive aggressiveness, outbursts, turf battles, harassment – is triggered internally and sustained by a team or an organization that may be inadvertently stoking the flames of discontent by its leadership practices, communication norms, decision-making and power distribution structures and processes, performance expectations, personality or value conflicts.

This program helps organizations reduce anger at work by creating a value-based culture, improving understanding of self and others, building relationships and peer collaboration and understanding the internal and external triggers for negative attitudes and anger-based behaviors.

The program creates a safe environment that is thought provoking, self-assessing, motivational and informative to help participants:

  • Discern common values and value-based practices as servant leaders
  • Engage in a Conflict Resolution assessment
  • Create organizational and leadership cultural agreements for behavioral resolution processes
  • Learn how to build open, honest relationships with peers
  • Understand and reveal where negative attitudes and emotions come from
  • Develop professional emotional responses to thought and behavior triggers
  • Understand the underlying beliefs that can be held which promote or reduce anger and negatively charged emotions and behaviors
  • Engage in self-assessment and self-monitoring behaviors
  • Learn to communicate and interact from empathic perspectives
  • Understand personality styles and work styles that may be contributing factors to conflicts and anger at work
  • Understand how workplace cultural norms and clashes may contribute to conflict at work

Time Frame: 1/2 day

Group Size: 20-30

Audience: open to all

Format: interactive & experiential utilizing large group activities, small group dialogues, and didactic lessons designed to guide the participants in their assessment of self and issues relevant to their ability to correctly perceive issues that underlie anger and negative attitudes at work; assessment of organizational policies, norms, processes and practices that lead to disruptive behaviors; and determination of appropriate behaviors, attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to reduce angry outburst and promote a healthy climate for positive exchanges among coworkers.

Client pre-requisites: teleconference or meeting to assess current conflicts and conditions.

Your Facilitator: Bob Schout


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