Advanced Leadership: The Eight Significant Principles

Advanced Leadership: The Eight Significant Principles

There are eight specific areas that personify the essence of balance and success in advanced leadership; they are shared traits and practices that when working together enable a leader to be at their best. It is easy to get sidetracked or overwhelmed with work, becoming out of alignment and losing focus with what is important. This dynamic workshop refocuses on these eight significant principles and helps leaders reconnect with what is necessary to embody and practice. Personal Excellence is about holding yourself to an higher level and always seeking to grow and learn; having the proper Attitude is a daily battle but crucial for maximum achievement; Integrity & Character are the foundation of life and leadership; having a compelling Vision for the future raises your expectations and inspires others; taking Responsibility regardless of the circumstances is a hallmark of great leadership; maintaining consistent Communication is the thread that runs through everything you do; having Persistence and never giving up allows you to achieve your goals; and Creating a Culture of Learning for yourself and everyone around you helps foster continued knowledge and excellence.

The Eight Essential Attributes

Personal Excellence

  • Always striving for excellence & improvement
  • Know that you have limitless potential & capability
  • Expect more from yourself daily
  • Always be willing to learn & grow
  • Consistently move forward through problems
  • Seek expert advice & insight
  • Learn from every day & each incident
  • Never try to control everything


  • Attitude is the compass of your mind
  • It is the beginning point of all actions
  • Make every decision from a positive base
  • Stay consistently optimistic & find the good in others
  • Trust yourself & your instinct
  • Duplicate successful systems or models
  • If not sure what to do, act as if you did
  • Put people in a place where they succeed

Integrity & Character

  • The foundation of your life & leadership
  • It determines every decision you make
  • Must be grounded in honesty & truthfulness
  • It is consistent & reliable
  • Always act with kindness & compassion
  • Never act from anger or compromise yourself
  • Treat everyone with respect, regardless of position
  • Bring out the best in others around you


  • The cornerstone of your  strategy & methodology
  • Raises your standards & expectations
  • It is the art of seeing the invisible
  • Must be clear & compelling
  • Ambitious & far-reaching
  • Is exciting & challenging
  • Instills the enthusiasm & commitment of others
  • Stretches everyone to be at their best


  • Know that it is up to you to create what you want
  • It is in your power to change & improve
  • Take initiative every day
  • Recognize a problem before it becomes an problem
  • Be quick to react to issues
  • Keep well informed, internally & externally
  • Always look for opportunity & be prepared for change
  • Insist on commitment & discipline

Communicating & Listening

  • The quality of your communication dictates the desired results
  • It is the essences of everything you do
  • Take the time to communicate clearly with yourself & others
  • Be clear & concise with what you want
  • Be quick to listen, learn, and understand
  • Always share your vision, ideas, objectives, needs
  • The clearer and more concise, the better you will lead
  • Never presume others know what you are thinking


  • Whatever it takes to achieve what you want
  • Never allow distractions to dictate to your goals
  • Must always move forward
  • Stay committed to your objectives
  • Do not waver
  • Trust in timing & other alignments
  • Remain focused
  • Expect to have results & success

Create a Cultural of Learning

  • Knowledge is the most powerful asset in a company
  • Create an environment where the culture can flourish
  • Information is valuable: Good news & bad
  • Must be open & deal with all the issues
  • Always move forward with ideas & knowledge
  • Instigate a high level of quality & expectation
  • Share new concepts & best practices
  • Have proactive programs, workshops, & training
  • Foster trust & freedom to question & contribute

There has never been a more important time to personify the characteristics of leadership and all the fundamentals that embody it. Whatever your background or profession, from business owner to CEO of a global company, becoming a respected and powerful leader is imperative. Learn from the best in the industry and advance your company’s training and knowledge forward. Wolf Management pulls from over twenty-five years of experience to help executives enhance their insight and refine their character. Their vision is fostered and expectations increased so they perform at a higher level; a place where they become dynamic individuals and exceptional leaders.

Who Should Attend:

This advanced workshop is for executives, senior   managers and CEOs.  We work with individuals, companies, and corporate divisions to train, coach and enhance professionals from all backgrounds   and industries.

Event Length: 1 Day

Although this program can be tailored for 1 day, it can   also be run over a longer period of time, with professional coaching, assessments, and continued support.



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