360° Feedback & Development "Using Feedback to Build Individual and Collective Capabilities"

360° Feedback & Development "Using Feedback to Build Individual and Collective Capabilities"

You may already be familiar with the potential benefits of 360°- degree feedback. The following serve to highlight some of the benefits associated with such feedback:

  1. Better Knowledge of Strengths & Weakness: The ability to develop to your full potential requires that you have a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. While personal insight is a good starting point for assessing your assets and developmental opportunities, input from others will increase the accuracy and objectivity of your assessment.
  2. Increased Dialogue: Openness to others about your own strengths and development needs will likely lead to increased feedback and encouragement from them.
  3. More Comprehensive Feedback: Feedback from multiple sources can offer a more balanced and comprehensive view of your performance. Your peers/colleagues and direct reports can offer insights into your work behavior your superior might never have the opportunity to observe.
  4. Enhanced Self-awareness: This feedback can help you increase your self-awareness in areas of high performance and enable you to take action to become a more valuable contributor to your company's success.
  5. Alignment with Company Goals: 360°-degree feedback can help you target specific areas for improvement that are most closely aligned with your company's expectations. In other words, it can help you align your behaviors with your company's organizational goals.
  6. Greater Ownership of Growth: With 360°-degree feedback, you can exercise more ownership in your personal growth and development.
  7. Improved Communications: 360°-degree feedback can foster improved communications within your organization and can encourage people to help each other.
  8. Contributions to Business: Multi-source feedback gives you the information that you need to work more effectively. By following suggestions for improvement, you can help your company improve its business performance and competitiveness.
  9. Leveraging for Effectiveness: Feedback enables you to clearly see your strengths and leverage them for continued effectiveness.

Effective development rarely happens in isolation. Successful learning occurs through a continuous process of feedback and support from others!


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