Hans Norden

Hans Norden is an insightful and resourceful executive advisor on strategic organizational change. He practices his profession as a consultant, speaker, coach, trainer and author.

Having served as an internal trusted advisor for c-suite executives and senior managers inside a European Fortune-500 corporation, Hans is well versed in interacting with multiple cross-functional and -divisional teams for achieving his principal’s goals.

For over 25 years he has managed, initiated, researched, developed and implemented both renovation- and innovation-projects that facilitate sustainable growth. He has worked with organizations within the services industry: Asset Management, Private Banking, Facilities Management, Commercial Real Estate, medical equipment marketing, public events, art exhibits and sales, and industrial trading and installation.

Specializing in the interaction between people and the business system (tools and technology) Hans reduces costly and often unnecessary friction and conflict that causes employees to withhold their commitment to excellence and operational agility.

Driven by his passion for creating superior value for an organization’s clients, Hans makes complexly interdependent processes visible in easy to understand models and metaphors that provoke constructive dialogues among stakeholders.

Hans has an astute gift for finding unknown opportunities and creative solutions by uncovering intricate relationships between means & ends and cause & effect. He believes that successful organizations focus on Humanity, Sustainability and Profitability; in that order.

His extensive background in Change Management, Business Process Engineering, Strategic Planning, Business Diagnostics, Information Analysis, Administrative Organization, ITIL, human error, project design, and strategy implementation, allows him to create truly Authentic Solutions™ that:

  • Address root cause challenges instead of symptoms and
  • Align operations with the organization’s strategic direction and
  • Generate synergy within existing processes.

Hans Norden has a Bachelor’s degree in International Marketing and another in Automotive Marketing and Sales. He studied Economics and Philosophy at the Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He received his formal professional training in change management and Business Process Engineering through ING Group International, while working at their Amsterdam Head Quarters. Furthermore, Hans received certificates from Cap Gemini (Ernst & Young) in Information analysis, Business diagnostics, Project design, and Administrative organization. Also, he was trained in ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) by Pink Rocades (Getronics). Hans is a life-time member of CEO-Space, Inc. and a frequent Production-Chair for the San Diego chapter of MIT-Enterprise Forum.


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