Cindy McGovern, Ph.D.

Dr. Cindy McGovern has dedicated her career to helping people and organizations achieve results in the areas of sales, leadership and change management. Prior to joining Wolf Management Consultants, she was a marketing director for a commercial real estate company, a college professor, a sales and management consultant and then started her own company, Orange Leaf Consulting. Dedicated to helping organizations navigate change and capitalize on the possibilities created by it, Cindy knows that if she can help leaders recognize change for the opportunity it creates, a competitive advantage is sure to follow!

Cindy holds her masters in marketing, and her doctorate degree in Organizational Communication (Emphasis in Leadership and Ethics). Through her academic experience and her years of business consulting, she has developed a strong competency for affecting behavioral change throughout all levels of an organization.

For years, she has built entire sales programs from the ground up. Whether it be enhancing existing sales programs, rolling out national sales programs or fine tuning e-level sales plans, Dr. Cindy helped both executives and sales people alike create sustainable movement and incredible revenue growth!

Cindy has vast experience in working with organizations to create the change they need, to be more successful. Much of her expertise is in the sales arena. When a company’s growth has stalled, or worse, is declining, they call on “Dr Cindy”! She has a breadth of knowledge in various industries and can help leaders strategize for growth, plan for changes, and get organizational adoption in order to implement the necessary behavioral changes to get results.

She combines her passion for teaching and coaching to create a unique partnership opportunity for her clients, where they get to co-create their destiny. She does not come in, guns-a blazing, and tell people what they are going to do. Instead, she listens to their fears, challenges, and successes then works with them to create and implement a replicable sales process that they can sustain long after she is gone.

Cindy believes that the key to real and lasting change is that everyone needs to know what their role is in the change. She often says, ‘you’re all in the same boat, you might as well row together’! She gets everyone in the organization thinking about the change in the right way, acting their part and achieving results.

She still spends the majority of her time working side by side with her clients to achieve results. Whether through coaching, training, conducting assessments or recruiting the right people for her clients, she is committed to achieving results! Cindy’s impressive list of clients includes organizations in the following industries: real estate, insurance, medical, legal, publishing, asset management, pharmaceutical and finance.

Cindy brings her experience to her clients in many areas, including:

  • Sales and Organizational Assessments
  • Executive Coaching
  • Recruiting
  • Sales Management
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Sales Training
  • Motivation that Matters

Cindy’s consulting experience includes:

  • Customized sales training programs for clients ranging in size from 50 to 5000 employees;
  • Tailored coaching programs for organizations;
  • Building sales teams including local and regional teams in various industries, as well as a
  • North American Sales Team for an international private equity firm;
  • Outsource management of a team with over 40 sales professionals;
  • Strategic consulting and implementation for national and regional corporations;
  • Succession planning for organizations;
  • Coaching Presidents, VP’s, CEOs, and sales management professionals;
  • Training and skills development for novice and senior sales people.

Cindy is a highly sought after speaker and coach to many organizations. She has presented at both national and international conferences on topics including: Organizational Change, Conflict Resolution, Sales, Communication, Management, Leadership, Sales Management, and Collective Bargaining.


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