Alan Adler

Alan helps businesses grow by enabling their people to excel. His specialty is coaching leaders to become better at LISTENING, MARKETING and creating CULTURE. He is an executive coach, trainer and speaker who coaches people to become better listeners and, as a result better at influencing others. Alan also coaches leaders and staff to move from cultures of control to cultures of empowerment – resulting in highly motivated employees. His books Getting the Fish to Swim to YOU & Keeping Them in YOUR Boat and Upstream reflect his own growth achieved while owning and running successful companies.

Through his experiences of owning his own business plus working with large and small companies, Alan has developed a strong competency for affecting lasting change throughout all levels of an organization.  Plus, his variety of experiences have exposed him to a number of unique challenges faced by a broad group of companies.  Examples of these include: 

  • Telecommunications - C-level – Middle Management Listening & (both Internal & External) Communication
  • Automotive – Marketing/Merchandising, Training & New Car Introductions
  • Light Manufacturing – Marketing, Leadership Training C- Level to Supervisor -- Moving from a culture of control to a culture of empowerment
  • Manufacturing – Consultant for Customer Service Resolution
  • Data operations – Keynote - Listening Enhancement for Sales and Operations
  • Trade Association Conferences – Keynotes, Listening, Marketing and Leadership Workshops
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – New Product Introductions and Customer Service/Customer Experience Marketing and Product Recalls
  • Cable Television Industry – Alternate Channels of Distribution Marketing and Customer Service/Experience
  • Consumer Electronics – Customer Service/Experience
  • Magazine Publishing Industry – Replaced (antiquated) advertiser BINGO CARD with toll-free & internet alternative
  • Food Distribution – Listening Skill Training
  • Banking – “The Voice of the Customer”
  • Non-Profit – Keynotes, Signature Events, Fund Raising, Public Relations, Reconstituting Board of Directors and Creating Advisory Boards

One of Alan’s significant achievements was to create and roll out a pioneering interactive “relationship-marketing’ database.” The program, in place for five years, attracted more than twenty-five million targeted customers.  His clients were delighted and successful. As a result of Alan’s work, Marketing gurus Stan Rapp, Tom Collins and others, have acknowledged his strategies to be “Mass Marketing Success Stories.”

Alan collaborates with his clients to co-create their destiny. He is a strategist first and a tactician second.  He is an advocate of “everyone in the business understanding the purpose of the organization.”

Alan brings his experience to his clients in many ways including:

  • Keynotes
  • Speeches
  • Presentations
  • Seminars
  • Workshops (1/2 – 3 days)
  • His books
  • His articles
  • Consulting, Coaching & Training

Alan holds a bachelor degree in Marketing Communication/Education and did his graduate work in Integrated Marketing Communications. He learned listening skills from the preeminent expert in the field, Dr. Lyman Stiles, Chairman & CEO, Communication Development, Inc. & International Listening Leadership Institute. Historically, Stiles has been one the experts that airlines call upon to interpret the “black box” data following airplane crashes. Stiles was Alan’s client when they co-developed and delivered a listening skill curriculum still in use today by a number of large organizations.

Alan Adler believes that in today’s chaotic market the key to attracting and retaining customers and quality employees is LISTENING. He’s also advocates for combining the passion of intuition with the rigor of evidence.

Alan is a sought after speaker and coach to many organizations. He has presented at both national and international conferences on topics including Attracting & Keeping Customers, Attracting & Keeping Quality Employees, Customer Experience, Listening, Marketing, Culture and Leadership.

Alan’s message to clients is that “one purpose of every business should be to create a customer who creates customers.”


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